Definitions for "Consolidation"
The act or process of consolidating, making firm, or uniting; the state of being consolidated; solidification; combination.
The combination of several actions into one.
A federally guaranteed program that allows you to combine qualifying student loans into one repayment plan.
Merger is the first General Condition clause. It deals with the acquisition, consolidation or merger of the insured with another entity. It provides for short-term coverage, but requires underwriting information for reassessment of risk and premium to be charged.
(1) The coming together, either through merger or partial ownership, of two or more companies. (2) the solidification of loose material or liquid, usually under pressure.
A pause that allows market participants to reevaluate the market and sets the stage for the next price move.
A pause within an existing trend, usually considered a continuation pattern, and can take several shapes. Triangles, rectangles, flags and pennants are typical consolidation patterns.
The process in a market where prices accumulate at a certain level before reversing or continuing. Consolidation indicates exhaustion of a market move, but it does not indicate a change in the trend of the market. It is a period of uncertainty. It may be characterized by either volatility or the absence of trading. But it is a short term phenomenon.
The gradual reduction in the volume of a soil mass resulting from an increase in compaction.
A term describing the process whereby loose or soft earth materials become coherent or firm. In a soil it involves the gradual reduction in the volume of a soil mass as a result of increased compression or load.
The gradual reduction in volume of a soil mass due to an increase in compressive strength.
This is when a company proportionally increases the nominal value of each share whilst descreasing the number of shares in the issue.
The reduction in the number of shares a company has, giving each shareholder fewer, but more valuable shares.... more on: Consolidation
Increase in the Face/Nominal Value of the security. Companyâ€(tm)s Equity Capital remains the same but the shares in issue reduces. Opposite of Sub-Division.
Consolidation is the figure of a technical expertise describing movement of the price (rate) with a stable or decreasing tendency.
A generally lateral period of trading in terms of price. It is usually an interruption of an ongoing uptrend or downtrend, as opposed to a reversal type of pattern.
A period of trading in a security or commodity market characterized by a narrow price range over a sustained period. In technical terms, consolidation periods usually indicate periods of extended large-scale acquisition or liquidation of a financial instrument, and therefore often precede strong price movements.
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Locomotive with 2-6-6-6 wheel arrangement (refer Whyte)
a steam locomotive with a 2-8-0 wheel arrangement, 2 pony truck wheels up front, 8 driving wheels in the middle and no trailing truck wheels at the rear under the firebox ( click here for a photo of a Reading class I-10sa Consolidation).
See Schemes of Arrangement.
The gradual defeat over 900 years of indigenous Seanchan by Artur Hawkwing's armies after the Breaking. The armies came to be assimilated as Seanchan themselves.
1. In the law of real property, it is a general rule that where two estates in land become vested in one person and there is no intervening estate in another person, the lesser estate is merged, extinguished or drowned, by operation of law, in the greater estate. 2. The cancellation of two or more titles to land and the creation of one new title containing all the land contained in the ones canceled. There is no change of ownership.
The merging of more than one parcel into a single parcel.
the merging of 2 or more corporations into 1 with the dissolution of the original companies
For sundry reasons, including economic, legal or tax laws, activities are operated in separate units (usually called funds) and not brought together or consolidated for the jurisdiction as a whole. However, if all these activities are summed or aggregated in the financial report (of course eliminating any double counting) then the report is said to be consolidated. In business, consolidated reports are the practice and there are specific accounting rules for consolidation. Governments, even though one unit may be accountable for many subunits or subentities, do not report on a consolidated basis. Thus, no one set of numbers exits for the entire unit or jurisdiction, although consideration is being given to a consolidated or entity-wide report for the entire jurisdiction.
the amalgamation of land parcels into units of a different size, shape and location. In some jurisdictions, it refers to the planning and redistribution of land into units of more economic and rational size, shape and location.
To make solid or firm, solidify or strengthen.
unitiing into one system; strengthening or securing
A treatment used to strengthen deteriorated materials to ensure their structural integrity. Traditional skills and materials are preferred. The intervention should be reversible. REPOINTING is an example of a reversible consolidation treatment. An example of a non-reversible consolidation process would be the strengthening of a timber by inserting metal rods in a bed of epoxy.
The second manufacturing step in the OVD process; manufacturing step which removes water vapor from the preform, and sinters it into a solid, dense, transparent glass blank.
The process of increasing the strength of a particulate solid.
The process by which all results are collated, checked and confirmed by the Returning Officer, before the result is announced.
Finance used to repay multiple debts.
Process of summarizing data found on multiple worksheets on one worksheet.
Consolidation is a term used to describe placing all existing debts and arrears together and arranging fresh finance to clear or repay them, which then leaves only the latest finance left to be repaid. Consolidation or debt consolidation as it is more commonly referred to, is currently one of the UK finance industries large growth areas, companies charge customers varying amounts to manage debts, contact creditors, arranging loans and then using the finance to pay of the outstanding debt. Companies that offer this consolidation service generally make their profits from the money saved by offering creditors an early settlement to any debt owed. Visitors don't have to pay consolidation companies for this service it is possible to arrange a loan and consolidate your debt yourself. The Grabber has a section on consolidation for visitors interested in the process, or we have application forms for those wanting to apply for loans to consolidate with.
A phase of offensive combat consisting of the hasty assumption of the defense and reorganization on the seized objective.
Diffusion bonding of metal-matrix or thermoplastic composite laminae into a laminate.
A consolidation is a technical effort involving one or more people working in an open manner; the specific outcome of a consolidation is to assemble the technical artifacts produced by one or more projects into a coherent collection convenient for assembly into distributions. The consolidation may also include contributions of its own generation, or from other sources. The consolidation has one or more source repositories, which group the source products of the contributing projects and other selected artifacts into a coherent whole. The consolidation's focus is to be a publication mechanism of an artifact useful to a distribution. Utility to a User is a secondary consideration. The consolidation membership, like a project, is typically composed of contributors. The output of a consolidation is minimally expected to be a source tree, associated tools, and a "proto area", which is the in-file-system binary delivery associated with the compiled output of that source tree. Depending on the expectations of the distributions utilizing the consolidation, it may elect to publish the binaries in a package format.
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The process by which production is organized into fewer but larger plants or farms. For example, in 1987, 243,000 U.S. farms reported inventories of hogs and the total on-farm inventory in the week of the survey was just over 52 million. Ten years later, the on-farm hog inventory reached over 61 million hogs but on only 110,000 farms. As farm numbers fell, average sizes rose. While consolidation focuses on the size of firms and plants, concentration focuses on the number of competing firms, particularly on cases in which the number of competitors is small.
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The process of rearranging the cups into a tighter setup following a cup removal. [ More Info] See Also: Setup Related Terms: Re-Rack, Rearrange
To organic cohesion of different circled in a flower; adnation.
the joining of two or more companies to form a new company.
This occurs where the customer owns two properties next to each other and would like them joined into one property. A new property description will be given and will be depicted on a Surveyor General Diagram.
The act of joining two separate and distinct existing entities into one new entity. Normally authorized by resolution and achieved by executing an Agreement of Consolidation between the parties involved. A Certificate of Incorporation is required for the new entity.
a job in dispatchOffice that holds a set of normal jobs which are being shipped from the same origin airport (or hub) to the same destination airport (or hub) on the
Procedures to re-adhere flaking or delaminating paint to the canvas.
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See Levels of Consolidation. (regroupement)
Provides the opportunity for students to gain reinforcement and associated skills in particular KLAS.
Filling of pulmonary air space with some abnormal material. May also be referred to as "alveolar disease."
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On the Beach VU Meter
a set of related software components that are developed and delivered together
A set of related software components developed and delivered together. An example is the ON consolidation, which consists of the kernel, libraries, and basic utility and server programs in OpenSolaris. Other consolidations deliver the windowing system, development tools, application servers, and so on.
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Storage consolidation is the concept of centralizing and sharing storage resources among numerous application servers. Storage consolidation architectures are designed to address the limitations associated with direct-attached storage (DAS) and solve the growing data demands dictated by information-rich business environments. Storage consolidation history
Like basing, it is when a stocks trading activity begins to slowdown, and the stock trades in a narrower and narrower range.
A hypothetical process that refers to the transfer of contents from immediate memory into long-term memory. go to glossary index
The process of storing information in long-term memory ( Ch. 29).
The second step in memory formation, in which the brain transforms temporary memories into long-term ones. close window
The right of a lender in whom two or more mortgages are vested to refuse one mortgage to be redeemed unless the others are also redeemed. This protects the lender.
Two or more school districts become one school district.
a group of financial statements attributes specified and saved for use in preparing consolidated financial statements
in securitization, the integration of the assets, liabilities and results of the activity of a special purpose vehicle into the financial statements of the enterprise that has a controlling financial interest in it
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The Consolidation Endorsement may be added to an Open Cargo Policy at an agreed premium, to provide coverage on merchandise while in transit to, and while at, a common consolidation point for the purpose of preparing or consolidating the merchandise for export.
information is broadcasted details about current loadings of Master Airway Bills, trains, flights etc. This data may be used as a determination for routing.
A post-induction therapy that is used to improve the outcome of treatment.
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Collection and sorting of mail from a variety of sources, before passing it to Royal Mail for delivery.
A term used in periods of low volatility when exchange rate movements are relatively static.
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the replacement of air in the lungs with fluid or a mass.