Definitions for "Levels"
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Each Attainment Target (AT) is divided into 8 levels. The levels describes what or how a pupil is studying to achieve an Attainment Target. The work becomes progressively more difficult and pupils are expected to achieve higher levels as they move through school. The levels for each attainment target are written down in the 'National Curriculum Orders' published by the DfEE. There is an additional level above level 8 for the most able pupils.
a logical study to perform
a pretty relax course compared to SAM and all, but its gonna be the toughest exam among all pre-u programmes
an art-recognized method of validating antisense results
an internationally recognized qualification, whereas many overseas unis do not acknowledge diplomas, especially those from private institutions
a stepping stone towards an excellent opportunity to attain a high qualification of international acclaim and respect
The height of the dancer in relation to the floor. For example: sitting on the floor would be low level, kneeling could be middle level, and standing or jumping would be high level.
Low, medium, or high spatially.
The levels of highs, midrange and bass output through the channels of a mixer.
are categories of assessment scores that are used to describe student skills; they may be defined as "level 1, 2," or by terms such as "nonEnglish proficient."
There are four primary levels that designate the level of budgeting control that will be applied to different funds within the University. The following are examples of levels and the fund(s) they apply to: Level 1 - Agency departments which are not budgeted and for which expenditures are controlled based on revenues collected plus accounts receivable. Level 2 - This level is budgeted in three categories and is the methodology used by E&G for budgeting their respective departments. The following is a list of the three categories: Permanent Salaries & Benefits OPS Payroll Operating Expense Level 3 - This level is budgeted in five categories and is the methodology used by Auxiliary and Local Funds to budget their respective departments. The following is a list of the five categories: Permanent Salaries & Benefits (D77100) OPS Payroll (D77150) Current Expenses (D71100) OCO (D72100) Debt Service (D73100) Level 4 - This level is used by projects or Contracts & Grants departments. For details regarding this funds budgeting categories, please contact a staff member from this area due to this funds particular parameters.
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a potent stimulus for SLI secretion from the pancreas and stomach and raise the possibility that FFA is an important physiological regulator of SLI secretion
Refers to different sets of recorded words on a communicator e.g., Level 1 can be used for travel words; Level 2, for food words; etc.
A Member's relationship to his/her upline and downline. Levels refer to how many memberships there are between you and another Member in your network. Someone personally sponsored by a Member is referred to as firstlevel. A Member sponsored by the first-level Member is second-level to the original sponsor.
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The divisions between different price discounts as defined by a point range.
These are areas with a game or mod that you play. Most games have many maps and the transition between them is normally defined by some obvious loading sequence. Often players release single maps that range in size from a couple of rooms to huge areas. There are generally technical limitations of the size of each map. This map or level would not make any changes to the gameplay, just create anew environment to play in.
a good idea in any horse prone to founder, especially in the spring when the richest grass comes out
The height of the surface of the water in a lake, river, sea etc. Water levels vary greatly depending on the amount of rainfall received over a given period of time, and the speed with which snow and ice melt in the spring.
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Arrangement of readers, teacher's editions, and materials for each grade level in basal reading programs.
Levels is a youth center housed in the basement of the main branch of the Great Neck Library. It offers free programs for residents of Great Neck, NY, from seventh grade through college age. (There is also a Junior Levels program for fifth and sixth graders.)
a poor predictor of sustained therapeutic response since a significant percentage of patients with this profile eventually relapse from therapy
a challenge for clinical urologists
a deleterious process, in particular during chronic inflammatory diseases
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a passport to future things
This refers to the results from monitoring the AED serum concentration in the blood. Also called blood levels, serum levels. See Trough and Peak levels.
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a good measure of treatment response
a good start on a safe, cleaner-use program
Specific layers of soil removed during excavation and processed for cultural materials.
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The grey values on a scale of 0 (black) to 255 (white).
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The number of clicks it would take to get to a page. If you enter a URL, and specify one level, it will only get that page. If you specified two levels, it would get that page and everything it links to. If you specified three levels, it would get that page, everything it links to, and everything those pages linked to. If you specified four levels... Well, you get the picture.
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The number or summaries or aggregates.
a strong indication for treatment
a very useful indicator