Definitions for "Masters"
A Masters program or degree is a postgraduate program which involves enrolment in an approved sequence of courses for face-to-face instruction. Some Masters programs will also involve a research component.
Students may enroll in this course, providing they satisfy entrance requirements, after having successfully completed a three-year first level course. It generally equips the student with the necessary practical, hands on skills to enter the work market.
Students may enroll in this course, providing they satisfy entrance requirements, after having successfully completed a three-year first level degree course and a two-year second level/specialist degree course, or a second level/specialist degree course with a vocational orientation (generally Medicine, Pharmacy, Architecture).
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mass-ters The Master's Division in running is for runners who are over a certain age. Unfortunately that age is not standardized. In some places, the minimum age for a master's division runner is 35; in other places, it can be 50. The Masters Track and Field Committee of USA Track and Field (USTAF) bylaws say that a masters athlete "shall be at least 40 years old on the first day of the meet." Most races advertise the age for master's division on the race sign up. Otherwise, it's a good idea to ask. Brad couldn't wait until his 40th birthday, so he could register in the master's division at his next race
The Masters are a fictional race of beings in John Christopher's, The Tripods trilogy. They are first mentioned and seen in chapter 6 of The City of Gold and Lead.
Masters in athletics (especially track and field) is the name of the category reserved for competition among older athletes; the name of the category for keeping world records for these athletes; and a term for the competitors themselves. USATF and IAAF define a masters athlete as "any competitor over the age of 35". Many U.S. meets open their masters events to anyone age 30 and over.
a term adopted in theosophical literature to designate those humanbeings further progressed on the evolutionary pathway than thegeneral run of humanity, from which are drawn the saviors of humanityand the founders of the world-religions. Also known by the Sanskritterm mahatma, "great self". Beings named as masters by variouschannels who write for them include: Buddha, Chohan, Djwhal Khul, ElMorya, Hilarion, Jesus/Sananda, Kuthumi, Lanto, Lao-tzu, The MahaChohan, Maitreya, Mary, Mohammed, Nada, St. Germain, St. Paul,Portia, Quan Yin, Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bey
Masters' boathouse: situated on Pocock's lane, is serves as access to the Datchet stretch, providing good water for distance work. The Procession of Boats is boated from here.
'Masters' were required to give up their Black workers in Elizabeth I's proclamations. Since both slaves and apprentices had masters, it is not clear whether the Black people referred to were enslaved or free.
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United States poet (1869-1950)
(those beings who have been in 3rd dimensional form who have obtained enlightenment, prajna)
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an added bonus
Pages ready for duplicating. Most of these are used by children in carrying out suggested activities. Some may be used more than once during the school year.
The officers of the college as defined in the Statutes of the college.
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a HUGE help and will make you a much better applicant than most others
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See Award Level.