Definitions for "Form"
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The shape and structure of anything, as distinguished from the material of which it is composed; particular disposition or arrangement of matter, giving it individuality or distinctive character; configuration; figure; external appearance.
Orderly arrangement; shapeliness; also, comeliness; elegance; beauty.
A shape; an image; a phantom.
The interface between the inputter and the tables, where data will be stored. The primary site of data entry.
A structured document in which handwriting is constrained into specific areas, defined by combs or boxes or guide lines or similar, with specific content types (fields).
a name for a screen in which one or more fields are displayed on a computer screen and users are required to enter some kind of input. Examples include search forms and data entry forms.
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The basis of some punters betting is "form" - i.e., the previous performance of a horse in the races into which it has been entered. There is a guide to recent form in all the major racing papers, where a form entry may read something like: 011123-UP. This would mean the horse had been unplaced, first, first......unseated rider and pulled up in its previous runs. Runs in the last season are after the dash, and all runs are historically older the further right you read.
Current condition of a horse; Daily Racing Form.
A record of a particular horses previous racing performance.
In Chinese: Daolu In Japanese: Kata A formally defined posture, movement, or set of movements used to teach coordination and technique to a student of Kung Fu.
Or Kata. Literally they are a short story of motion.
Series of choreographed movements in Kung Fu linking together various martial arts techniques, able to be performed as a solo exercise to aid the practioner in perfecting his techniuqe. The equivalent in Karate is called a Kata.
The type or other matter from which an impression is to be taken, arranged and secured in a chase.
The whole body of type that is locked into a chase in preparation for printing.
In letterpress printing, type and/or engravings, electros, etc. locked into a chase.
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The seat or bed of a hare.
To provide with a form, as a hare. See Form, n., 9.
To run to a form, as a hare.
A varient of a species.
a subdivision of a species below the rank of variety (Bot. Code, Art. 4). In this sense forms are distinguished on morphological grounds. `A subdivision of a species of a parasitic or symbiotic microorganism distinguished primarily by adaptation to a particular host`; forma specialis (Bact. Code, Rec. 8a (5)).
A subdivision of species which occurs occasionally in the wild, seldom breeds true, and does not develop a natural population or distribution.
This is simply another word to indicate the biome-chanics used during the performance of any bodybuild-ing or weight-training movement. Perfect form involves moving only the muscles specitied in an exercise description.
The technique utilized in performing the biomechanics of an exercise.
This is simply another word to indicate the biomechanics used during the performance of any bodybuilding or weight-training movement. Perfect form involves moving only the muscles specified in an exercise description, while moving the weight over the fullest possible range of motion.
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Show without substance; empty, outside appearance; vain, trivial, or conventional ceremony; conventionality; formality; as, a matter of mere form.
As found in logic, form refers to the structure of either a sentence, or an argument. In the case of a sentence, the form of the sentence is the layout of terms and operators.For example, the form of the sentence, All men are liars, is: All ( S ) are ( P ) where the letters S and P merely stand for "subject" and "predicate" respectively.
is the subject and predicate arrangement in a proposition; there are four forms: All a is b; No a is b; Some a is b; and Some a is not b. ( Study 3)
Each side of a press sheet.
A group of pages printed on one sheet of paper, folded for binding.
The assembly of pages for offset printing.
A golfer's standard of play based on their previous performances.
A golfers standard of play based on past performance.
A golfer’s standard of play based on past performance.
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Pinyin Translation (en) chang quan Long Boxing nan quan Southern Boxing zui quan Drunken Boxing jian shu Straight Sword dao shu Broad Sword qiang shu Spear gun shu Cudgle (stick) ying zhao quan Eagle Boxing tang lang quan Mantis Boxing hou quan Monkey Boxing
A temporary erected structure or mold for the support and containment of concrete during placement and while it is setting and gaining sufficient strength to be self-supporting. See corner forms, formwork, filler forms, flexible forms, keyway forms, placement, radius forms, reversible forms, straight forms, slurry, tilt-up forms, tilt-up reversible forms, and transition forms.
A mold in which concrete is placed to set. These may be made of used wood materials, plastics, metal, etc. Some are disposable and other reusable. Can be self-constructed, purchased, or rented.
The central document or documents of an insurance contract. Forms may be altered by endorsement.
In insurance, a document, such as policy, endorsement, rider or application.
An insurance policy itself or riders and endorsements attached to it.
Mode of acting or manifestation to the senses, or the intellect; as, water assumes the form of ice or snow. In modern usage, the elements of a conception furnished by the mind's own activity, as contrasted with its object or condition, which is called the matter; subjectively, a mode of apprehension or belief conceived as dependent on the constitution of the mind; objectively, universal and necessary accompaniments or elements of every object known or thought of.
To develop in the mind; conceive.
1. any object meant to be evaluated. 2. a symbol compound form, or a self-evaluating object. 3. (for an operator, as in " operator form compound form having that operator as its first element. A quote form is a constant form.
A view of data in a table.
The method by which bond ownership is evidenced. (See Allotment letter, Bearer, Book-entry, Registered)
A form is used to display the content of particular records. There are different forms for different types of sourceworks. Each form has fields for the particular type of sourcework. More information on Citation's data entry forms.
A type of oral or written passage that can be isolated as a discrete textual unit, with a clear beginning, an identifiable style, and a standard ending. Often forms are repeated in a text for rhetorical effect.
Form is an unremarkable boot virus. It was isolated in Switzerland in the summer of 1990, and subsequently became very common worldwide. The origin of Form is widely listed as Switzerland, but this may be an assumption based on its isolation locale.
Constitution; mode of construction, organization, etc.; system; as, a republican form of government.
organization of specific types of writing within a general category of purpose/mode (e.g., if the form is editorial, then purpose/mode is persuasive or possibly expository; if the form is clinical trial, then purpose/mode is expository)
A long seat; a bench; hence, a rank of students in a school; a class; also, a class or rank in society.
That assemblage or disposition of qualities which makes a conception, or that internal constitution which makes an existing thing to be what it is; -- called essential or substantial form, and contradistinguished from matter; hence, active or formative nature; law of being or activity; subjectively viewed, an idea; objectively, a law.
superficially resembling; e.g. umbelliform (inflorescence resembling but not truly an umbel).
Used to categorise a bonsai using its most conspicuous aspect; this can be according to its trunk direction (formal or informal upright, slanting, cascade etc) or its number of crowns (single trunk, multi-trunk or group) for instance. see notes on forms
A form is a grade, class or grouping of students in a UK school. Pupils are usually grouped in forms according to age and will remain with the same group for a number of years, or sometimes their entire school career.
the total product of all the aspects of a work of art and how they come together to become one singular unique work.
An element of art, such as you would see in a sculpture that has three dimensions.
A surface or volume incorporated into a figurative or non-figurative work of art.
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Defines a form 3.0 3.0 STF
To treat (plates) so as to bring them to fit condition for introduction into a storage battery, causing one plate to be composed more or less of spongy lead, and the other of lead peroxide. This was formerly done by repeated slow alternations of the charging current, but now the plates or grids are coated or filled, one with a paste of red lead and the other with litharge, introduced into the cell, and formed by a direct charging current.
Form refers to each side of a sheet of paper.
The performance of a team or individual according to how they appear on paper.
Specifies the paper size (such as letter or legal) assigned to a tray on a printer. A form defines physical characteristics such as paper size and printer area margins of the paper or other print media.
Any document created to obtain or organize information, containing spaces for inserting information, descriptions, or references.
Any IRS document that has a form number, e.g., Form 941, Form 8109, Form 1096, etc.
A document, printed or otherwise produced, with predesignated recording of specified information. All the characteristics of a document that can be separated from its content. Top of the page
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In component-based programming (Visual Basic, .NET Win Forms, and Delphi), a form is an easy way to create a GUI window. A form contains components and controls, which are a high-level representation of standard GUI widgets; it's easier to manipulate the high-level wrappers than to deal with the underlying API.
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old name for the mould.
A printing term referring to each side of a printed signature.
In PressWise, the front or back of a signature.
One side of a signature. Also spelled forme.
Formulation: This is the physical state in which a pesticides is manufactured and reflects the way it is applied e.g., granular, powder etc.
Activity Model: in titles of physical form and intellectual form. The record's physical form and intellectual form.
the physical universe; that which is manifest; the entirety of the earth plane. Lite meaning: that which goes bump in the night on the way to the bathroom.
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Form: See content.
See content. Formal essay
A CMS file that guides the creation and controls the appearance of content. Form was previously called DCT.
A bend in a material, or the actual process of bending a metalformed part.
A bend, or the process of bending a metal formed part.
From Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) Version 2.0 ( 2004-03-16) dialog that interacts with the user in a highly flexible fashion with the computer and the user sharing the initiative.
Yes v3 up IE3+ interactive form
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The Symbian OS component that relates to Text Views. See also: ETEXT
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frame frenetic function
Term which describes the state of the packaged product ready for sale, e.g. aerosol, cream, granules, stick. See Appendix II of the Guide for Completing Cosmetic Notification Forms for the full list and definition of these terms.
Describes the physical characteristics of the material. Can be one of the following: blanket, block, board, loose, pipe, slab, spray, woven .
In the broadest sense, the total physical characteristics of an object, event, or situation.
That which is (or should be) causally related by antecedence to Function. The result of design.
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A series of continuous, specific Tai Chi movements.
To derive by grammatical rules, as by adding the proper suffixes and affixes.
The form for a table determines the properties that are displayed on the datasheet and that are available for selection purposes.
The combination of planes included under a general crystallographic symbol. It is not necessarily a closed solid.
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with reference to a tree, the degree of taper between diameter at the tip of a 1 foot stump and diameter at the top of the first 16 foot log.
In academic discussions of organized religion, the term form is sometimes used to describe prescriptions or norms on religious practice.
refers to the type of online learning program being developed, such as a tutorial or tips of the day.
An online form (possibly an order form), that is processed and the data is either stored in a database file, or e-mailed to the owner.
(also Policy Form): The "form" of a policy dictates what types of damages a policy covers and the dollar amounts of the coverage. Historically, Texas law has required insurers to offer a limited number of forms forms, primarily the HO-A and the HO-B. Recently, however, companies have been authorized tp begin offering new forms.
the basic business tool (whether printed or electronic) for collecting and transmitting information. It is a catalyst for getting things done and a record of what was done.
A way to distribute and collect information electronically. For example, a form can be available for anyone to order supplies or to post information in a public folder. All Business Contact Manager items, such as phone logs and Account records, are based on forms.
Statistics and comment as to the performance of a runner, useful in deciding which runner to bet on.
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see unified science processes
What the judges look for in a routine, ie. good technique, correct body position, straight arms/legs, body tension, etc.
Established method of expression or practice; fixed way of proceeding; conventional or stated scheme; formula; as, a form of prayer.
The smallest degree of differentiation in plants which is formally named, i.e. only differing in single character or group of related characteristics, e.g. spine length or flower colour.
the total set of moves, feelings, thoughts and emotions that accompany a situation.
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Reflects a dog's running ability at any given time
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Allows readers to add information to a site, i.e. a survey, etc.
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the way a word is put together or spelled
(of a word): what kind of word it is.
The boundary line of a material object. In (painting), more generally, the human body.
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Condition of health and training
The general system of relationships among the parts of a film.
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Our response may take the form of a phone call.
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