Definitions for "Ream "
Keywords:  quires, sheets, quantity, twenty, paper
A bundle, package, or quantity of paper, usually consisting of twenty quires or 480 sheets.
Printers. 500 sheets
A measurement unit for paper, usually 500 sheets.
To bevel out, as the mouth of a hole in wood or metal; in modern usage, to enlarge or dress out, as a hole, with a reamer.
To finish a drilled or punched hole very accurately with a rotating fluted tool of the required diameter.
To enlarge the wellbore by drilling it again with a special bit. Often a rathole is reamed or opened to the same size as the main wellhore.
Keywords:  juice, orange, fruit, citrus, lemon
to remove the juice of a lemon, orange, or citrus fruit
squeeze the juice out (of a fruit) with a reamer; "ream oranges"
Keywords:  cream, froth, mantle, ale
Cream; also, the cream or froth on ale.
To cream; to mantle.
Keywords:  dourish, spool, paul, solaris, robust
Ream is a robust text-mode full-screen mail client. It can handle multi-megabyte large mail-files in spool areas or file folders without problems. It was originally written by Paul Dourish, and has been updated to compile and work under Solaris and Linux. Installation is also simpler.
To apply the tongue to the anus, bathing the outside area and inserting the tip and withdrawing it in a series of sensual incursions to bring a love partner to or near orgasm
forceful intercourse or rape, usually referencing anal rather than vaginal or oral, to take strong advantage of or to hurt someone
Keywords:  striae, homogeneous, cords, glass, main
Included cords, layers or striae which are non-homogeneous with the main body of the glass.
To stretch out; to draw out into thongs, threads, or filaments.
Keywords:  rotary, cavity, tool, cutting, metal
To remove metal from a cavity with a rotary cutting tool.