Definitions for "Robust"
Keywords:  vigor, overblown, sturdy, full, intense
Evincing strength; indicating vigorous health; strong; sinewy; muscular; vigorous; sound; as, a robust body; robust youth; robust health.
Requiring strength or vigor; as, robust employment.
Full-bodied, intense and vigorous; can mean a bit overblown.
insensitive to assumption violations, i.e., holds even when the probability model is incorrect.
An analysis is robust if the qualitative conclusion (e.g. that therapy A is better than therapy B) is insensitive to the uncertainties in the analysis, such as quantitative estimates of probabilities of utilities.
A loop that is robust is relatively insensitive to process changes. A less robust loop is more sensitive to process changes. See a presentation on Loop Stability, The Other Half of the PID Tuning Story
The adjective robust is used to describe programs that are better designed, have fewer bugs, and are less likely to crash.
Robust is an adjective commonly applied to information technology products. 1) A robust product can be one that doesn't break easily. An operating system in which any individual application can fail without disturbing the operating system or other applications can be said to be robust. 2) Robust is also sometimes used to mean a product or system of products designed with a full complement of capabilities.
An adjective describing a desirable feature of a feedback loop. A loop is robust if it keeps working properly even if the real plant is different than that which was used to design the loop. Examples of things which could be different are the time response of an actuator and the values of transfer matrix elements.
The condition or state in which a response parameter exhibits hermetically to external cause of a nonrandom nature; i.e., impervious to perturbing influence.
In a trading system, the property of not being vulnerable to poor (or unlucky) parameter selection.
Describing a statistic (or parameter) that is little affected by outliers or gross errors of observation.
Keywords:  rude, rough, tale, violent, crude
Violent; rough; rude.
rough and crude; "a robust tale"
Able to function or continue to function well in a variety of unanticipated situations.
Able to function or to continue functioning well in unexpected situations.
Any performance management framework must be able to cope with change, such as restructuring or individuals leaving. Systems can fall apart if not enough people are involved, or if responsibility is left to just one person. You can make your frameworks more robust by using procedure notes, and continual monitoring and good communications.
The categorization of a system that has high functionality, reliability and consistency when operating in a normal capacity and can endure periodic stress conditions.
Reliable or dependable. Not prone to error. Usually used in reference to an application program.
large 3-dimensional fossil or description of potent post-collecting drink
A product or service designed in such a way that it can be readily produced in the presence of variation without defects or costly process treatment and with little variation or, to be designed to function properly in the presence of environmental variation.
the ability of a system to work under changing conditions
The ability of a product or service to function appropriately regardless of external conditions and other uncontrollable factors.
Refers to the durability of buildings and structures.
robust ("robusta")