Definitions for "Durability"
The state or quality of being durable; the power of uninterrupted or long continuance in any condition; the power of resisting agents or influences which tend to cause changes, decay, or dissolution; lastingness.
it must always be posible to recover the last consistent state.
A combination of hardness, toughness and stability that describes a specific gemstone's ability to resist wear.
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The degree to which paper retains its original characteristics with use.
The degree to which paper retains its original qualities and characteristics under continual usage.
How well an FPF retains its comfort, support and shape with use.
Property of a transaction that ensures committed transactions will tolerate system failures.
The in ACID. Durability means that a transaction’s committed updates must be durable, even in the case of hardware or software failure.
The result of a commited transaction is guaranteed to be on stable storage.
An investment's vulnerability to inflationary pressures and the fluctuation of interest rates, as well as its potential physical or economic obsolescence.
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The effective life span of foam bubbles.
A relative term used to describe the functional life span of a material or ink typically compared to a control.
The characteristic of a polished diamond that accounts for the risk of damage inherent in its proportions (i.e., the risk of chipping in diamonds with extremely thin girdles).
The quality of being useful, generally referring to the life of a catalyst or emission-control system.
the quality of standing up well to long or hard use.
Strong and long lasting quality. Glossary of terminology
Refers to the retention of gloss and performance properties in a paint film during the use of exposure to sunlight.
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how durable a fabric or yarn is. ;
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