Definitions for "Abrasives"
Keywords:  sandpaper, grit, blast, emery, flint
Substances which are added to cosmetic products to remove materials from the skin and other parts of the body (e.g., teeth).
Materials used for wearing away a surface by friction, such as powdered pumice, silica, sandpaper, metal shot, mineral slags, steel wool, or glass beads. Also, used for abrasive blast cleaning, e.g. sand, grit, carborundum, baking soda, rice hulls, ground walnut shells, etc.
small round particles which are added to cosmetic products to eliminate materials on the skin's surface, to help in the mechanical cleaning of the teeth and improve their shine. A substance's abrasive capacity is determined by the particles' hardness, size and shape.
Gritty additives used to increase scouring ability. May scratch some surfaces in use.
Gritty or rough substances, which are added to soap to help scrub away dirt or dead outer skin cells. Also helps remove excess oils from skin. Also considered an exfoliant. Avoid with delicate or dry skin types.
These are ingredients found in toothpaste which help to get rid of that unwanted plaque and tartar, and other surface staining. In some toothpaste, abrasives may count for half of the ingredients. (See also Plaque and Tartar).