Definitions for "Fillers"
Usually inert organic or inorganic materials which are added to plastics, resins or gel coats to vary the properties, extend volume, or lower the cost of the article being produced.
Any material used in conjunction with fiber to construct a sheet of paper or board. Usually added to improve opacity, softness, and/or printability.
Additives used to make a resin less costly. They can be inert or they can alter some properties of the plastic. See Reinforcements.
Compositions used to fill surface indentations, cracks etc, in order to produce a smooth level surface prior to painting.
A wood putty used in preparation for painting to fill holes and cracks in wood.
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Men who load the coal into the trams.
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Various tobacco varieties, potentially from various origins, that are used in the manufacture of cigarettes to add volume rather than taste; fillers are very mild in taste.
Pieces of hardwood matching a chosen cabinet color. Sizes range from 1" to 6" wide and 30" to 96" long. Common use is to fill the space where a modular cabinet does not fill a specific wall dimension.
Paper materials used to fill spaces not occupied by fibres.
Small items used to fill out columns or space where needed.
companies that pack products into packaging.