Definitions for "Adhesives"
Keywords:  glue, adhere, epoxy, runner, stick
Used in the essential bonding between cylinders of pleated filter paper and end caps in paper filter element production. Types used include air drying synthetic rubber/ solvent/ resin mixtures, two part epoxide and/ or polyurethane's and heat curing adherent plastisols.
Type I adhesives are exterior glues. Type II adhesives are interior glues
see epoxy, cyanoacrylate, or glyptal.
There aretwo main groups of adhesives used to manufacture an envelope. The first group consists of fastening agents used to bind the seams of the envelope together permanently. The second group includes the various sealing agents used to bind the seal flap to the back side of the envelope.
are typically used to temporarily or permanently bond a wide variety of surfaces such as metals, rubbers, plastics, etc.
Adhesives are materials that are initially fluid or semi-fluid, placed between two opposing solid materials, become solids themselves (by solvent evaporation or chemical reaction), bond to the surfaces they are applied to, and prevent joint movement. (See " Sealant")
A variety of chemical compounds used to bond the secondary backing to the carpet. These substances also bond the tufted yarn into the carpet.
Stamps intended to be affixed to postal items as distinguished from postage printed or hand stamped directly on the cover.