Definitions for "Adhesive"
Keywords:  glue, adhere, mucilage, stick, cling
Sticky; tenacious, as glutinous substances.
Apt or tending to adhere; clinging.
A material able to hold two surfaces or materials together. Often activated by heat or pressure. Examples include tape,glue,paste,synthetic resin,epoxy or silicone adhesives.
A stamp affixed to envelopes by means of gum on the reverse. Some stamps are printed directly onto postcards, envelopes or wrappers. See Postal Stationery.
A gummed stamp made to be attached to mail.
A gummed stamp  Albino Omission of colour from a stamp giving a colourless impression of the design  Aniline A stamp printed with a fugitive ink or dye
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A liquid product which is medically approved for use in attaching wigs and hairpieces to the wearer's scalp. A light application of a good adhesive provides a secure, worry-free attachment. Most adhesives require a special solvent for removal, but our MAX LIQUID ADHESIVE ® can be removed with common 99% alcohol, which can be found at your local pharmacy.
Keywords:  stuff, sticky, tape
The sticky stuff on the tape.
A paste for applying wallcovering to a wall.
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a very good idea
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a special type of coating
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See organic Adhesive.