Definitions for "Booklet Pane"
1.) a unit of stamps produced for use in a traditional booklets (those with cardboard covers). Such booklet panes usually, but not always, have water activated gum. Panes in a traditional booklet usually (but not always) have six stamps. 2.) a unit of self-adhesive stamps sold by the post office as a complete booklet that may be folded for the sake of convenience to form a convertible booklet. 3.) a unit of stamps sold as a booklet through a vending machine. Branch - a retail postal facility that is subordinate to a primary (main) post office. Brinkerhoff Perforations
A special sheet containing only a small number of stamps made for a stamp booklet.
A small "page" of stamps in a stamp booklet. The panes are sometimes made up of mixed-value stamps, popular with some collectors. Some panes contain a mix of stamps and non-postally valid labels advertising postal services or products.