Definitions for "Bindery"
When a job is printed it goes to the bindery for finishing ie. trimming, folding, collating, stapling, binding etc.
manufacturing operations performed after the printing process. Bindery operations can include fastening, punching, folding, perforating, trimming, numbering, slitting, counting, and collating.
The department in a printing company which performs finishing operations on a printed product such as cutting, trimming, collating, stitching, folding, etc
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A database used by a network operating system to store internal data such as user or node definitions.
The flat-structured database of network information used in NetWare 3.12 and earlier versions of NetWare. Each server had an individual and unique bindery, so if a user needed access to multiple servers, that user would need a separate user account on each of those servers. In NetWare 4.0 and later versions, the bindery was replaced with the NDS database, which is shared by all servers on the network. See also NetWare Directory Services.
A network database in NetWare versions earlier than NetWare 4â„¢. The bindery contains definitions for entities such as users, groups, and workgroups.
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A place where books, or other articles, are bound; a bookbinder's establishment.
Where books that need repair and periodicals to be bound are sent. Materials at the bindery are out of the Libraries and are not available to users. In the status box of a catalog, the words (TO BIND) appear when that volume or issue is at the bindery.
Where journals are bound together to make a volume look like a book, or where books with loose binding can be redone to look like new again. The UC bindery is located in Los Angeles.