Definitions for "Blotter"
One who, or that which, blots; esp. a device for absorbing superfluous ink.
a piece or pad of blotting paper
Absorbent paper in the form of a card or strip, commonly used to absorb excess ink from handwriting before immediate handling of the manuscript. Blotters printed with advertising messages were popular promotional giveaways during the fountain pen era, and are now avidly sought by collectors.
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An XDCC Client developed for streamlining access to files provided by the XDCC protocol. Based on DavidA's Bottler, this fork appears to servers as an mIRC client in order to evade detection.
A list of all trades by a trader or broker, usually covering a single trading day.
the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station
Is a trading record which is prepared for each business day. Often this is the primary data entry for a dealer or proprietary trader. Orders are recorded in a chronological sequence. When customer orders are involved, the price, quantity, instrument and customer identification are recorded. Also, time stamping of the order is required. This time stamping typically occurs on the order ticket. Often tickets and blotters are interchangeable.
A disc of compressible material used to cushion the contact between the slides a grinding wheel and the flanges between which it is mounted to reducte slippage. Maximum safe operation speed, original wheel size and wheel formulations are typically printed on a blotter.
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a most uncommon form
A wastebook, in which entries of transactions are made as they take place.
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