Definitions for "place"
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A broad way in a city; an open space; an area; a court or short part of a street open only at one end.
A position which is occupied and held; a dwelling; a mansion; a village, town, or city; a fortified town or post; a stronghold; a region or country.
Defined by the Census Bureau as having a population of 2,500 or more. Cities, towns, and villages are all places. ( Census Transportation Planning Package )
The position of first, second, or third at the finish, esp. the second position. In betting, to win a bet on a horse for place it must, in the United States, finish first or second, in England, usually, first, second, or third.
To determine or announce the place of at the finish. Usually, in horse racing only the first three horses are placed officially.
Applies to Tournament-style bets only, where a certain number of places are declared by the bookie (i.e: 1st or 2nd) and the punters' place bet will win if his selection came within the range of places declared.
A geographic or imaginary location, landscape, origin, or relation in space. Artists are influenced by their surroundings and their works are often in response to a site or historical situation. In American history, places such as the antebellum South or the Wild West are mythic in their hold on the public imagination. Today, artists are continually drawn to the conceptual landscapes of cyberspace, television, and mass media.
means a site, area, building or other structure, group of buildings or other structures together with relevant contents and surroundings.
A site, area, building or other work, group of buildings or other works together with associated contents and surroundings (Australia ICOMOS, Burra Charter, Article 1.1). A place could include a structure, ruin, archaeological site, garden or landscape modified by human activity.
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Vacated or relinquished space; room; stead (the departure or removal of another being or thing being implied).
Français : LIEU Deutsch : ORT A geographic place of any type which may be specified as the Origin or Destination of a TRIP. A PLACE may be of dimension 0 (a POINT), 1 (a road section) or 2 (a ZONE).
Used in this text to indicate that people create personal and collective meanings for the areas where they have been raised or presently occupy.
Place allows you to "place" a file in its "live location" on the current system w/out having to remember where every file goes on every system you administer. Place keeps track of "live locations" via MySQL.
To assign a place to; to put in a particular spot or place, or in a certain relative position; to direct to a particular place; to fix; to settle; to locate; as, to place a book on a shelf; to place balls in tennis.
To locate an employee in a job.
Rank; degree; grade; order of priority, advancement, dignity, or importance; especially, social rank or position; condition; also, official station; occupation; calling.
To put or set in a particular rank, office, or position; to surround with particular circumstances or relations in life; to appoint to certain station or condition of life; as, in whatever sphere one is placed.
proper or designated social situation; "he overstepped his place"; "the responsibilities of a man in his station"; "married above her station"
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See adverb.
adverb which tells you more about place and direction. (up,through)
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a unique network address that is the metaphorical gathering point for agents
PLACE is used to move a string from one address to another. If the user-variable MAKEUCASE is non-zero, it will convert the string to upper-case after the move. Instead of manipulating MAKEUCASE, the programmer may call LPLACE, which will not perform the conversion, allowing lower-case output. Standards: JForth unique CREATE SPAD 80 ALLOT \ make string holder " Hello World" COUNT SPAD PLACE SPAD COUNT TYPE \ print copied string Related Words: $MOVE MOVE COUNT
a funky, catchy and fresh slice of mature pop that mixes killer melodies with killer beats, sultry vocals and a chart bothering chorus to amazing effect
Any portion of space regarded as measured off or distinct from all other space, or appropriated to some definite object or use; position; ground; site; spot; rarely, unbounded space.
A definite position or passage of a document.
Position in the heavens, as of a heavenly body; -- usually defined by its right ascension and declination, or by its latitude and longitude.
Ordinal relation; position in the order of proceeding; as, he said in the first place.
The position you are in. When you are the third bell to ring, you are in thirds place. If you are the seven bell, then sevenths place. If you are the first bell, this is either known as leading (probably the most common) or firsts bell. To make a place means you spend more than one stroke in a particular place.
a particular situation; "If you were in my place what would you do?"
Reception; effect; -- implying the making room for.
a public square with room for pedestrians; "they met at Elm Plaza"; "Grosvenor Place"
an anchorpoint and an environment where you'd like to be
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a site for people with to learn more about PDA's and what is best for
a site that has a lot of information on PDAs (not just Palms)
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a space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane); "he booked their seats in advance"; "he sat in someone else's place"
a blank area; "write your name in the space provided"
a named or described aspect of space
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a short street intermediate between two of the regular series
A very small area, such as an address, street corner, or block face (see Crime triangle, den) , 12, 13, 17, 18, 20, 27, 30, 32, 38, 39, 40, 48
A particular street address or other designation of a factory, store, warehouse, place of business, private residence, construction camp, or the like at a point.
To set; to fix; to repose; as, to place confidence in a friend.
To attribute; to ascribe; to set down.
a geometric construct used to define an area of related geometry
a very small area reserved for a narrow range of functions, often controlled by a single owner, and separated from the surrounding area
Primary metropolitan statistical area (PMSA)
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a ground only for the Tokorozawa Little League
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a particular locus of a specific set of references to other bodies/things
a stage for things to happen
a story happening many times
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a doll house
a general vicinity; "He comes from a place near Chicago"
an area that comes into existence by suspending all the binding rules in the world , and by putting them in brackets
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To place-kick ( a goal).
intend (something) to move towards a certain goal; "He aimed his fists towards his opponent's face"; "criticism directed at her superior"; "direct your anger towards others, not towards yourself"
Adobe PageMaker® uses this term instead of “Import” when inserting a picture or graphic.
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where you live at a particular time; "deliver the package to my home"; "he doesn't have a home to go to"; "your place or mine?"
The part of a mine in which a miner works by contract is known as his "place" or "working place." A point at which the cutting of coal is being carried on.
a hands-on math and science discovery center filled with interactive exhibits that give visitors the opportunity to explore a variety of scientific phenomena
to recognize or identify (a person).
recognize as being; establish the identity of someone or something; "She identified the man on the 'wanted' poster"
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To pour concrete.
any area set aside for a particular purpose; "who owns this place?"; "the president was concerned about the property across from the White House"
a part of a system of practical engagements , of concern
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sing a note with the correct pitch
Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators
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an emotional, slow song
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a symbol of faith
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a subset of a Community
a luxurious property development of residential lots and condominium units yours for the taking
of business - Means any premises, facility, or installation used to carry on business, whether or not it is used exclusively for that purpose. Premises, facilities, or installations may be considered to be place of business whether they are owned or rented, or, in some cases, where they are simply available to the business.
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a climate which can act as a fertiliser
a point of the resolution of a curve or, equivalently, a valuation of the function field of a curve
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a proper facial beauty and wellness shop
an association between people working together and the objects they're using
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estimate; "We put the time of arrival at 8 P.M."
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an early warning sign
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a region of land that can border other regions of land
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the passage that is being read; "he lost his place on the page"
The marketing of new securities, usually through sales to institutional investors. See: Float.
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assign to (a job or a home)
a container of agents, grouped according to their functions
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make an investment; "Put money into bonds"
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a locality that has a name
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To put out at interest; to invest; to loan; as, to place money in a bank.
a group of pages organized for a specific purpose
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To market new securities.
Placebo Placencia