Definitions for "Foyer"
A vestibule or entrance
a large entrance or reception room or area
a good place to get a lot of decorating mileage out of big-ticket items that would be too costly for use in larger rooms
A lobby in a theater; a greenroom.
The open area or hallway upon entering a building, such as in a theater or hotel; also found in many homes.
a low cost housing mode providing intermediate/temporary accommodation
a place where young people can live and receive training, employment advice, personal support and motivation
A place that provides homes, training and work opportunities for homeless young people.
A salon, in a theatre, where spectators could repair during the intervals of a play.
Keywords:  crucible, basin, furnace, molten, metal
The crucible or basin in a furnace which receives the molten metal.
Keywords:  overshoes, exterior, door, main, inside
An area just inside the main exterior door for the removal of wraps, overshoes, etc.
The entryway or open area upon entering a building.
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The place of origin of a group of atmospherics.