Definitions for "underemployment"
A situation in which a worker is employed, but not in the desired capacity,...
a condition that exists when workers earn less than their potential; an indication that qualified workers may be enticed by a pay increase offer to move from one job to another or from one employer to another; therefore, underemployed workers should be included in labor pool numbers as well as those for a laborforce and workforce in an area see demographics in Economic definition of underemployment defined definition of under-employment defined definition of underemployed defined definition of under employed defined
The employment of workers for fewer hours or in less desirable jobs than they would prefer and are qualified for.
A condition among a labor force such that a portion of the labor force could be eliminated without reducing the total output. Some individuals are working less than they are able or want to, or they are engaged in tasks that are not entirely productive.
See also Unemployment
In economics, the term underemployment has at least three different distinct meanings and applications. All three of them involve underutilization of labor that critics say is missed by most official (governmental agency) definitions and measurements of "unemployment."
Condition in which a person's work is unrelated to, or does not fully utilize, his or her training, abilities, and skills. (425)