Definitions for "Labor market"
a "place" in economic theory where labor demand and supply interact.
A term used to describe the supply and demand of people available for employment.
A place where labor is exchanged for wages.  These places are identified and defined by a combination of the following factors:  (1) geography (i.e., local, regional, national, international), (2) industry, (3) education, licensing or certification and (4) function or occupation.
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Those organizations performing related types of work, in related industries and/or locations that compete for employees with similar knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics. For example, the labor market for FAA includes those contractors who hire similar types of employees to perform similar types of work.
Current and potential employees in the workforce. Our primary labor markets are the metropolitan St. Louis area and the higher education industry.
A setting in which workers sell their human resources and employers buy human resources.
The availability of people for work, e.g. in the ricefields.
A collection of people and firms who are trading labor services. (p. 384)
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the market in which labor services are bought and sold