Definitions for "Distributor"
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An ignition distributor is a cylindrical object, about the size of a can of beans, with rubber covered wires as thick as a pencil sticking out from the engine, the wires are connected to the spark plugs. It distributes the electricity to each spark plug in the correct order. Care must be taken when reaching near the distributor with the ignition switched on, as high voltage electricity will travel to vehicle earth via the shortest path.
The part of the engine which solely controls the timing of the ignition spark going to the plugs. On your VW, you will have a plastic cap which has 1 center wire coming in from the coil surrounded by 4 wires going to the spark plugs. Inside, you'll find the points; the condenser (with the green wire) hangs off the side.
Mechanical device driven by engine camshaft which serves as a switch to deliver electrically to spark plugs one at a time and times ("advances" or "retards") ignitions spark relative to piston position on the compression stroke, amount of spark advance may be controlled by: Vacuum type - engine intake manifold vacuum; greater advance as vacuum increases. Centrifugal type - centrifugal force which increases as engine speed increases. Vacuum-centrifugal type - combination of engine vacuum and engine speed.
A business operation that provides music product from record manufacturers to one stops, rackjobbers, retail and other outlets for ultimate sale to consumers. Distributors often provide marketing and promotion support to record labels and retailers.
A third party that purchases, stocks and resells products manufactured by another organization. While classified as a customer to the manufacturer, it is normally useful to track distributor shipments to the end consumer to evaluate demand patterns and changes.
Agrees to perform distribution for ALCOR's products under contract terms.
Most films are distributed by the majors, but produced by other companies.
Firm that sells, leases, and rents films.
the company responsible for the distribution of the completed film to the exhibitors
An apparatus for distributing an electric current, either to various points in rotation, as in some motors, or along two or more lines in parallel, as in a distributing system.
An annoying apparatus that is always out of tune, causing sluggish performance.
The organization normally associated with a mutual fund responsible for the sale or repurchase of fund shares either through the broker/dealer community or directly to the public. The distributor of all Federated funds is Federated Securities Corp., Pittsburgh, PA.
The organization arranging for the sale of fund shares either directly to the public or through intermediaries, such as financial advisers.
An individual or a corporation serving as principal underwriter of a mutual fund's shares, buying shares directly from the fund, and reselling them to other investors.
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A specialized phone system for handling many incoming calls. Typically used by airlines, rent-a-car companies, hotels, etc., an ACD has four functions. First, it will recognize and answer an incoming call. Second, it will look in its database for instructions on what to do with that call. Third, based on that database’s instructions, it will send the call to a recording that “somebody will be with you soon, please don’t hang up.” Fourth, it will send the call to one operator of a group of operators as soon as that operator has completed their previous call and/or the caller has heard the canned message.
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a consumer and/or person who is serious about joining Gano Excel with the intent of becoming a business
Term used to describe someone who signs up in the Amway® business. You must be invited by someone who is called your sponsor.
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The piping inside an ion exchange vessel which evenly distributes flow across the resin bed.
A device or system designed to produce even flow through all sections of an ion exchanger or filter bed, and to retain the media in the tank or vessel; usually installed at the top and bottom of loose media systems. (See collector.)
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An UNDERWRITER, a DEALER, or any other person who participates under a contractual arrangement in distributing securities that are offered or sold in reliance on Regulation S. Rule 902(c).
See Underwriter.
a letter writing but that this inquiry, herbalife international of
The planet that is the current bound lord in a circumambulation.
a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion
a person or organization designated by the author or producer to reproduce copies of the file
A third party who ships items in the customer's order, submits a settlement request to the bank, and sends order completion information back to CyberSource. Also known as a fulfillment house.
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a Toys To Add Spice party planner
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a valuable partner so we are taking the time to ensure that we pick the right partner/or partners for the movie so that we can share theis gem with as wide an audience as possible
A component installed at the outlet of the expansion valve that distributes the refrigerant to each evaporator circuit.
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a server that assembles and distributes data to servers across the NDS tree
A device for spreading settled sewage over the surface of a biological filter.
An entity authorized by Microsoft to distribute Microsoft software.
Entity that owns and is responsible for the maintenance of local distribution network systems which connect the bulk transmission grid to the end-use customer.
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An appliance, as a roller, in a printing press, for distributing ink.
An area where a collection of Components exist (eg Patch Panels, Patch Leads) which is used to interconnect cables.
Name for self-employed people in a network sales operation. Can also be known as Consultants
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A node at the end of a channel that tells the channel where to route messages.
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A user type that acts in both the buyer and seller roles.
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Important part of your car.
supplies the name of a person or other agency responsible for the distribution of a text.
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A machine for distributing type.
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a different animal
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One that distributes; a distributer;