Definitions for "producer"
The person or organization that finances a production.
Any of various organisms (such as a green plant) that produce their own organic compounds from simple precursors (such as carbon dioxide and inorganic nitrogen) and many of which are food sources for other organisms..
An organism that converts solar energy into biomass.
The person with overall responsibility for a project from its initiation to its final distribution.
(1) in Canada and the USA, a producer is the person responsible for the financial and administrative production; the person who exercises general supervision of a production and is responsible chiefly for raising money, hiring technicians and artists, etc. required to make a film or stage a play; (2) in British (& Canadian) Television, film and Theatre, the producer was the director of the theatrical production (i.e., stage director), the Canadian and British film industry of adopted the American usage.
The person who (in theory) brings together all the elements to make a film. A producer shepherds an idea from scripting through the theatrical release, hiring and firing personnel as needed. The "Best Picture" Oscar goes to them. For information on the different types of producers, see the Producer page.
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A person licensed by the state of Oregon and authorized by an insurance company to sell and service insurance plans on its behalf. A producer's powers are limited by the terms of his company's contract and by state laws. Producers can represent more than one insurance company.
One who sells insurance policies.
( chargé de clientèle ou producteur) A term commonly applied to an agent or broker who sells insurance directly or indirectly to the public.
A mare with at least one offspring that has won a race.
A mare becomes a producer after one of her offspring wins a race at a recognized racetrack. Offspring or progeny of a mare.
The person who handles the scheduling, budgetary, and... ( more)
The administrative head of the film, usually responsible for budget, staff, legal contracts, distribution, scheduling, etc.
The individual in charge of managing and coordinating all of the production details associated with a recording project, including scheduling, budgeting and product quality.
An object (MessageProducer) created by a session that is used for sending messages to a destination. In the point-to-point delivery model, a producer is a sender (QueueSender); in the publish/subscribe delivery model, a producer is a publisher (TopicPublisher).
an object that knows how to incrementally produce output for delivery to the socket
A furnace for producing combustible gas which is used for fuel.
Any party owning, controlling, managing, or leasing any gas well and/or any party who produces in any manner natural gas by taking it from the earth or waters.
A natural gas producer is generally involved in exploration, drilling, and refinement of natural gas. There are independent producers, as well as integrated producers, which are generally larger companies that produce, transport and distribute natural gas.
A sheep or cattle farmer. (See 'grazier' or 'pastoralist').
an agent that contributes metadata for inclusion into an XML Registry for the purposes of ensuring maximum semantic understanding of a term as it appears in an XML document
information objects (either digital or physical) to be archived and a description or metadata about each of these objects
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The final authority in the electronic media production process. Sometimes the producer is the person who raises the money to produce media products.
Person who builds a written document or deliverable on the status of a product.
a person who makes a good or provides a service
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The primary graphic artist who will produce the graphic interfaces and prepare the graphics for the programmers.
"The person who bears the administrative and financial responsibility for a moving image work. In practice, the role of a producer may be much wider and can include artistic involvement." (AMIM)
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The manufacturer of a product. also called maker.
One who grows agricultural products, or manufactures crude materials into articles of use.
( Productor en español) a person who grows, mines, harvests, fishes, traps, hunts, manufactures, processes or assembles a good.
A Microsoft program that works with MS Powerpoint. It helps you capture, synchronize, and publish audio, video, slides, and images—resulting in a presentation that is viewable in a Web browser. visit Microsoft's Producer website for more information
A fire and casualty licensee who, for compensation, acts or aids in any manner of soliciting, negotiating, or procuring the making of any insurance contract on behalf of the insured.
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A grower or processor.
An object that generates data a chunk at a time, usually to be processed by a Consumer. See twisted.internet.interfaces.IProducer.
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a Cocoon Java type normally used to feed the initial XML content to the Cocoon processing pipeline
(1) Exhibit Producer: An individual or company which designs and/or builds exhibits. (2) Show Producer: An individual or company which manages trade shows.
The name of the company that produces the software licensed by LMF.
The person or company who represents the seller of the policy to the life settlement company. The producer is paid a commission by the buyer if the sale is completed.
A business entity that hosts a Web service or a Web site One or more WSIA web services A business entity creating, publishing and supporting WSIA Web Services
a business enterprise that produces or makes the product from raw materials. Page 194
Sector of the plastics industry that creates the polymers and extrudes the pellets.
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a crucial element in order to select the best input from each musician
a multi-format media-encoding engine for creating streaming broadcasts, on-demand streaming content, and downloadable audio video files
A senior member of a broadcast team who arranges line ups and edits stories and/or complies and arranges radio programs and/or manages all aspects of a major performance or event.
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Any person that produces milk from five or more cows in conformity with the applicable health regulations of the place in which it is sold, and whose bulk market milk is received, acquired, or handled by any handler or any nonprofit association of producers. In California, a cooperative is considered a single producer.
accuracy The probability that a pixel in a given habitat category will have been classified correctly on the image.
something that produces; "Maine is a leading producer of potatoes"; "this microorganism is a producer of disease"
a project that Real Networks has dropped into the open source space
The source of annotation data; the annotator.
An individual (or) an institution, private, quasi Government (or) Government, producing seeds by observing seed certification rules.
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Any party who produces water from the Basin.
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an approved supplier under an EV Program for Japan
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a grain permit-holder and anyone who is eligible to become one
a good thing to have
An individual or group of people who combine economic resources to make goods and/or services.
Someone who creates something by mental or physical effort.
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One who produces, brings forth, or generates.
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a very high end product that has no competitive equal in the market today
a component which makes performance data available (a performance event source)
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( see: book producer)
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A service that is generating data.