Definitions for "Champion"
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One who engages in any contest; especially one who in ancient times contended in single combat in behalf of another's honor or rights; or one who now acts or speaks in behalf of a person or a cause; a defender; an advocate; a hero.
One who by defeating all rivals, has obtained an acknowledged supremacy in any branch of athletics or game of skill, and is ready to contend with any rival; as, the champion of England.
A title conferred on a dog by the AKC as a result of defeating a specified number of dogs in specified competition at a series of AKC-licensed or -member dog shows.
Person responsible for the logistical and business aspects of a Six Sigma project. Champions select and scope projects that are aligned with the corporate strategy, choose and mentor the right people for the project, and remove barriers to ensure the highest levels of success.
The UCT head of an AIMS workstream, generally the senior line manager in a department or process area under AIMS review. Champions provided strategic content input and were accountable for the "sign-off" of each milestone in the stream's progress.
a leader bestowed with authority and the huge responsibility of overseeing the smooth and complete implementation of Six Sigma
a new series of basketball coaching DVD/videos, featuring Phil Jackson, Jim Cleamons and Tex Winter, the Los Angeles Lakers coaching staff
Champion was a straight edge hardcore band that was formed by vocalist Jim Hesketh, and guitarist Chris Williams, in the spring of 1999 in Seattle, Washington. A second guitarist, bassist, and drummer were soon added.
Champion is a sportswear producer, and has produced uniforms for National Basketball Association teams. It has produced sportswear for many major colleges. The brand is a subsidiary of Hanes Brands Inc., which was spun off by the Sara Lee Corporation.
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a man who has trained his body and his mind, who has learned to conquer pain for his own purposes
Champion is a 2002 South Korean film, directed by Kwak Kyung-taek, about South Korean boxer Duk Koo Kim. Kim was Korea's most popular boxer, who in his rise to international fame faced the reigning lightweight champion Ray Mancini in 1982. He lost the match after 14 long rounds, and within minutes dropped into a coma from which he never recovered.
Champion is a 1949 American film noir drama based on a short story by Ring Lardner. Filmed in black-and-white, it recounts the struggles of boxer "Midge" Kelly fighting his own demons while working to achieve success in the boxing ring.
a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library"
a change agent, an individual or team charged with getting a company ready for an ISO audit
a member of the management team who is responsible for the logistical and business aspects of the Black Belt program
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A person who takes an inordinate interest in seeing that a particular process or product is fully developed and marketed. The role varies from situations calling for little more than stimulating awareness of the opportunity to extreme cases where the champion tries to force a project past the strongly entrenched internal resistance of company policy or that of objecting parties.
Champion is one of the 16 role variants the Keirsey Temperament Sorter is based on. David Keirsey originally described the Champion role variant; however, the personality descriptions of Isabel Myers greatly contributed to its development. Champions correlate with the ENFP Myers-Briggs type.
The (high level) person in the organization who supports and promotes the data warehouse, its use, and those who developed and maintain it. A person with sufficient clout in the organization who believes in and sells the idea of the data warehouse and helps solve problems between groups.
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a person who can explain and promote your project to colleagues and who can assist you by providing advice and other forms of guidance
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Champion is a light rail station operated by Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). Champion is served by the Mountain View-Winchester light rail line.
Champion is a supermarket chain that operates in France and is owned by the international retailer Carrefour. The second largest supermarket chain in France, its annual turnover is 12.2 billion euros. There are over 1,000 stores and 60,000 employees.
To furnish with a champion; to attend or defend as champion; to support or maintain; to protect.
an ardent defender or supporter of a cause
Someone who supports and defends a person or cause. Therefore, a champion of risk management will promote its benefits, educate an organisation's management and staff in the actions they need to take to implement it and will encourage them and support them in taking those actions.
someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field
someone who has attained success in chess only because he has had more time to devote to the game than you have.
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an optimist, A Hopeful Spirit
a person living with MS who is paired with a National MS Society event participant
a person who wants to be the best They won't give up until they beat the rest
A person who is enthusiastic and motivated to see a group come together to form an alliance. This person helps the group move forward in its formation and work. They may or may not be part of the alliance themselves.
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a foriegn-born player
A person or thing that wins first place or is judged to be best.
a member of A winning team
a wonderful thing
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the Clan Champion is the daimyo of the leading family of a clan, and therefore of the entire clan.
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A more powerful version of a normal monster, with a new color scheme. Usually travels in packs of three or four. Will always drop a potion and either a large pile of gold or a magical item.
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See Eclipse Award.
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A hound who has completed the point and placement requirements for the title (Also, Field Champion).
an exercise specialist with over twenty years experience in the fitness industry
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someone who fights for a cause
protect or fight for as a champion
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a lot like being The President
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a single figure, whereas a normal unit is made up of one or more figures
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a known quantity