Definitions for "Goals"
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Generalized statements which broadly relate to the physical environment to values
3-5 critical competencies the organization must have to achieve its vision, values and mission.
What the business intends to accomplish or attain.
Quantitative figures that are established by top management.
a future condition or performance level that one intends to attain. Goals can be both short term and longer term. Goals are ends that guide actions. Quantitative goals, frequently referred to as "targets," include a numerical point or range. Targets might be projections based on comparative and/or competitive date. The term " stretch goals" refers to desired major or breakthrough improvements, usually in areas most critical to the school's success.
Goals represent what people commit themselves to do often within a short period of time. Goals often represent barriers and obstacles that must be passed to reach a vision (Senge, 1994).
Within the context of affirmative action, an ideal to reach for as one measure of nondiscrimination and of the effectiveness of efforts.
The highest-level objective of an organization, project, or program.
Information collected at intake about the main reasons that a student enrolled in the adult education program.
Goals are objective, measurable expectations set to measure progress toward desired results.
A required element of the AA Plan. The primary goal of an affirmative action program is to eliminate employment discrimination and remedy the effects of past discrimination, such as underutilization. In underutilized job groups, the long-range goal is to eliminate the underutilization; the annual goal is used to assess the University's success.
Each process will have a measurable goal(s) that is (are) driven by the needs of the agents supplying that process.
These are typically measurable, adopted goals that are created in response to a Corridor Planâ€(tm)s statement of need. They prescribe standards that the future transportation system should meet. For example, "By the Year 2010, 20 miles of bicycle lanes will be added to the existing system," or "The level of service on Highway Z will be maintained at its current level." The corridor planâ€(tm)s recommended alternatives are expected to meet the goals for the corridor.
The big picture; the overarching purpose of instruction, such as course goals.
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standing in the center of the goal lines; each goal consists of two wooden posts, 24 feet apart, and a crossbar, 8 feet above the ground.
Description of intended results of learning stated in global, general terms, e.g. clear communication, problem solving.
The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed.
The purpose of an act or group of actions
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a management challenge of a high order
The proposed long-range benefits of the program for the selected population, defined in general terms.
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The plan of where a person or business wants to be in a certain period of time.