Definitions for "Affirmative"
Confirmative; ratifying; as, an act affirmative of common law.
That affirms; asserting that the fact is so; declaratory of what exists; answering "yes" to a question; -- opposed to negative; as, an affirmative answer; an affirmative vote.
Expressing the agreement of the two terms of a proposition.
the side that advocates change through the adoption of the resolution. The Affirmative must present a reasonable interpretation of the resolution through an adequate definition of terms and/or operationally define the resolution in the Aff. plan. The affirmative must overcome the presumption for the status quo with a prima facie case.
The team that is trying to support or prove the resolution true is the affirmative. The affirmative usually supports the resolution through a case that includes a plan of action.
In policy debate, the affirmative (AFF) is the team which affirms the resolution.
Positive; dogmatic.
Positive; -- a term applied to quantities which are to be added, and opposed to negative, or such as are to be subtracted.
conduct envisage lack resource theoretical
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expecting the best; "an affirmative outlook"
Form of warranty stating a fact is true now but promising nothing about the future.
supporting a policy or attitude etc; "an affirmative argument"
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Agree with or accept.