Definitions for "Appeal to authority"
9,10,11,12 To call upon an individual or other source as an expert to give credence to an argument made by an author of a work.
A type of fallacious thinking in which the argument is intended to persuade through the appeal to various authorities with legitimate expertise in the area in which they are advising.
a.k.a.: Diffuse Authority C&P pg: 175 Definition: Defending a claim C by citing, as a premise, the fact someone E says or thinks C, where E's expertise (if any) is not relevant to the issue at hand, even though E may be someone who is famous or admired. Comment: It's not necessarily fallacious, or irrational, to appeal to the judgment of authorities in support of a given statement. It is seriously irrational, however, to base your acceptance of a statement on the word of someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. For the many further requirements of a rational appeal to authority, refer to our analysis of Testimonial Arguments.