Definitions for "premise"
The underlying rationale for an argument or proposal.
A proposition antecedently supposed or proved; something previously stated or assumed as the basis of further argument; a condition; a supposition.
Either of the first two propositions of a syllogism, from which the conclusion is drawn.
Matters previously stated or set forth; esp., that part in the beginning of a deed, the office of which is to express the grantor and grantee, and the land or thing granted or conveyed, and all that precedes the habendum; the thing demised or granted.
To send before the time, or beforehand; hence, to cause to be before something else; to employ previously.
To make a premise; to set forth something as a premise.
insecticide; active ingredient: imidacloprid; main application: termites
Insecticide; active ingredient: imidacloprid; main application: termite control
A belief one has about one's world.
a belief about how the world works
a deeply held philosophical belief based upon study, experience, reflective thinking, or research
an imporant item in game design, but that's not the purpose of this thread, said he wandering off-topic for a couple hundred words
A piece of real estate; a building and its adjuncts; as, to lease premises; to trespass on another's premises.
Use penalty assessed to shippers or consignees for holding private trailers or containers at the origin or destination terminal in excess of allotted free time
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take something as preexisting and given
a concept in the human mind, which is a limited view of things, but nature is what it is, contradictions impossible
an idea you start with (a "presupposition") before you collect facts to try to answer questions
a two-page, double-spaced, expanded springboard
a conjunction of linguistic expressions
a short descriptive outline (a sentence to a paragraph) of your movie
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The if part of a rule: represents an hypothesis.
Land and buildings on it.
Land and any existing buildings that are part of a conveyance as noted in a deed.