Definitions for "Rule"
A set of logical statements that enable the event server to recognize relationships among events and to execute automated responses accordingly. See also rule base.
A loose term for a Statement that an engine has been programmed to process. Different engines have different sets of rules. cwm rules are statements whose verb is log:implies.
a statement, which controls what one does and how one behaves back
An order regulating the practice of the courts, or an order made between parties to an action or a suit.
A general principle concerning the formation or use of words, or a concise statement thereof; thus, it is a rule in England, that s or es , added to a noun in the singular number, forms the plural of that noun; but "man" forms its plural "men", and is an exception to the rule.
An inspiring document that reflects the attitude and way of life to which members of a religious community aspire.
A resolution from the House Rules Committee which, if adopted by the House, sets the procedures and time limits for debate and voting on a pending bill or resolution. A rule can be open, which would allow any member to offer any germane amendment to the pending legislation; modified, which would allow only certain amendments approved by the Rules Committee to be offered; or closed, which would not allow any amendments to be offered.
Instructions on the time and substance of debate on a bill, attached to the bill when reported out to the floor by the House Rules Committee. - Stands for Senate and designates a bill originating in the Senate.
The term "Rule'' includes: The Rules of Golf and their interpretations as contained in "Decisions on the Rules of Golf"; Any Conditions of Competition established by the Committee under Rule 33-1 and Appendix I; Any Local Rules established by the Committee under Rule 33-8a and Appendix I; and The specifications on clubs and the ball in Appendices II and III.
The act of ruling; administration of law; government; empire; authority; control.
To control the will and actions of; to exercise authority or dominion over; to govern; to manage.
To have power or command; to exercise supreme authority; -- often followed by over.
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a Prolog clause containing a clause body
clause in a district or regional plan, either requiring an application for a resource consent if a particular change in land use is proposed, or allowing the change as of right, but subject to conditions designed to avoid adverse environmental effects.
A clause that defines the relationship or relationships between facts and objects.
That which is prescribed or laid down as a guide for conduct or action; a governing direction for a specific purpose; an authoritative enactment; a regulation; a prescription; a precept; as, the rules of various societies; the rules governing a school; a rule of etiquette or propriety; the rules of cricket.
A straight strip of wood, metal, or the like, which serves as a guide in drawing a straight line; a ruler.
To control or direct by influence, counsel, or persuasion; to guide; -- used chiefly in the passive.
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(mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems; "he determined the upper bound with Descartes' rule of signs"; "he gave us a general formula for attacking polynomials"
an idea with a structure to it, and in this way, is like an algebraic formula
A thin plate of metal (usually brass) of the same height as the type, and used for printing lines, as between columns on the same page, or in tabular work.
A thin line, either vertical or horizontal, often used to separate parts of a table or columns of text.
A solid line used to separate editorial matter.
a set criteria for determining whether or not an email is wanted or unwanted
a set of criteria and automatic actions that will be applied to new messages as they arrive in your mailbox
A combination of classification elements or conditions comprised of Connection Source, Connection Destination, Service, TOS and Time. Together these conditions form complete criteria for classifying network traffic. Conjunction is made with the AND operator.
To lay down and settle a rule or order of court; to decide an incidental point; to enter a rule.
decide with authority; "The King decreed that all first-born males should be killed"
decide on and make a declaration about; "find someone guilty"
A rule is a pattern definition used to identify and categorize an email message. Rules can be based on the contents of the header or body of an email including combinations of "features" that appear in both the header and body. Rules are organized into groups and associated with "symbols" to represent special categories of messages. Related Words: Blocked Rule, Rule Type, Rule Origin.
an article from the Law category
an if-then implication
Uniform or established course of things.
Ordibary course of procedure; usual way; comon state or condition of things; as, it is a rule to which there are many exeptions.
A rule is used to handle complicated requirements such as: Selecting three courses from a list of ten courses; Selecting one course from a list of possible courses; Selecting one course each from three of five lists.
rule - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
A determinate method prescribed for performing any operation and producing a certain result; as, a rule for extracting the cube root.
(linguistics) a rule describing (or prescribing) a linguistic practice
Specific to the course in Civil Procedure, a procedural rule is one approved by the highest court in a jurisdiction, and often approved by its legislative body as well. Rules of civil procedure govern the operation and management of court systems, lawyer conduct, and prescribe processes for litigation and other kinds of dispute resolution. There are separate rules for criminal procedure.
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Systematic method or practice; as, my ule is to rise at six o'clock.
a description of which atom type are in the six atom chain and a list of torsion angle combinations that are considered high energy
The pointer on the front of the astrolabe. Used for finding the time of day by positioning it next to the sun and reading off the hour on the mater. It also has a declination scale that allows one to measure the declination of any object on the rete.
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a managed object
a separate database object that is bound to a particular column
a SQL Server database object that is created and attached to a column of a table or a user-defined datatype
A measuring instrument consisting of a graduated bar of wood, ivory, metal, or the like, which is usually marked so as to show inches and fractions of an inch, and jointed so that it may be folded compactly.
a graduated strip of metal or wood used for measuring length.
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( from the MSA Whole Life Faith Affirmations) Is the means with which we seek to adopt and integrate the Affirmations as disciplines for our lives in order to grow in the knowlege and spirit of Jesus Christ.
In reasoning, a general pattern not a specific case. For example, "Never end a sentence with a with a preposition" is a rule.
a pattern in the chart points whose presence may reflect the presence of a source of variability whose cause can be discovered and eliminated at the workplace
a rectangular pattern associated with conditions related to the number of liberties of the objects in the pattern
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Conduct in general; behavior.
directions that define the way a game or sport is to be conducted; "he knew the rules of chess"
an ongoing, specific plan for controlling human behavior and conduct at work
a law in the traditional sense if it is introduced through the front door of Parliament and becomes law through a democratic process
The methods of procedure agreed to by members of a body.
A rule of procedure that a Court must follow, related to a specific Act. Rules are made by a lawful judiciary authority.
a logical expression, which if false, prevents the field or row change from occurring and displays the validation text
a small unit of logic
In crossvision Information Integrator, the main part of logic programs to specify new information derivable from facts.
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a means by which nodes and arcs at the model level are given strict terms by which they can interact with each other
An expression of the general form if X, then Y. An output of certain models, such as association models or ABN models. The predicate may be a compound predicate.
An element of a Hub program which specifies a condition for execution and instructions for constructing a message to a server and for updating the state of the token.
a condition that you set, for example, blocking all executable attachments into your company
a set of a match or several matches together with a single target in most implementations of IP filters, including the iptables implementation
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have an affinity with; of signs of the zodiac
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A composing rule. See under Conposing.
A rule is a recipe for synthesizing a task when no task is explicitly defined. Rules generally synthesize file tasks.
a mapping that defines a replacement operation
officially describes and defines the life of a Brother of the Christian Schools. The current Rule was issued in 1987.
a real issue for the bottled water industry which is populated by many regional, one-plant spring water bottlers
a string, character or regular expression against which to match the text being analyzed
When referring to data mining processes, a rule signifies a pattern of factors that a mining method follows to analyze and compare data effectively.
the rules contained in APX Listees' Listing Standards or Business Rules.
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a little bitch for allowing him to
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a specific test that Prolint can perform on source code
a combination of individual conditions which together characterize a particular circumstance
a condition which organizes and processes messages as they arrive in your inbox
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a simple if-then management tool that you can apply to your email
a tool, and if a tool doesn't fit the job, I won't use it
a tool, as a drinking glass is a tool
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To keep within a (certain) range for a time; to be in general, or as a rule; as, prices ruled lower yesterday than the day before.
a simple query based on properties of user profiles or the membership of users in security groups and distribution groups
a user-defined query
a list of methods that, when executed, results in obtaining a value or data string for particular data items
a longitudinal data conviction but out quot beds are
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a proposition that has been voted on and passed
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A legal decision by a court, or the judicial command that follows it.
a helpful generality which could be of use in making a decision
a single path from a decision tree s root to one leaf
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See Golden rule
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To require or command by rule; to give as a direction or order of court.
an order, made by the court and drawn into form, which is obtained by the application of a party or his counsel
a standard that is publicly stated and stable enough to be known by the society
a cumulative collection of the basic components that I described above
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keep in check; "rule one's temper"
an extra command carried out when a certain tag is encountered in the document
a part of the program that inhibits or stimulates the transition from one state to another
a function that selects services based on all input information used by the function
an instruction for building one or more output files from one or more input files
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A rule that has to be fulfilled in the game
a violation of employers' constitutional rights
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mark or draw with a ruler; "rule the margins"
To establish or settle by, or as by, a rule; to fix by universal or general consent, or by common practice.
a special type of trigger that is used to perform simple checks on data
mental representation of the form IF something THEN something.
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a power act in the America
In the Direct to Web and Direct to Java Client approaches, a specification used to customize the user interfaces of applications developed with these approaches.
a combination of all available control options and limits which will applied to a specific resource include Server, Url, Files, Port and Directory
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a piece of code identifying a feature that is believed to be the cause of a failure (i
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a practice that you should follow unless you have some other 'effect' in mind
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an operation to be performed on a packet
A named definition of a run cycle that determines when an application will run.
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See Hard Rule.
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a requirement that one event "comes before" another
a test to be performed on specified servers or devices
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an example of this