Definitions for "Convention"
A meeting or an assembly of persons, esp. of delegates or representatives, to accomplish some specific object, -- civil, social, political, or ecclesiastical.
An extraordinary assembly of the parkiament or estates of the realm, held without the king's writ, -- as the assembly which restored Charles II. to the throne, and that which declared the throne to be abdicated by James II.
a meeting of a church body, as in a diocesan convention: "Georgia is having its convention this weekend at Saint Paul's" =The Diocese of Georgia is gathering as a dicocese at Saint Paul's church.
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General agreement or concurrence; arbitrary custom; usage; conventionality.
An agreement or contract less formal than, or preliminary to, a treaty; an informal compact, as between commanders of armies in respect to suspension of hostilities, or between states; also, a formal agreement between governments or sovereign powers; as, a postal convention between two governments.
The Convention on the Future of Europe, consisting of representatives of Member State governments, national parliaments, the EP and the European Commission, together with government and parliamentary representatives from candidate countries for EU membership. Its purpose is to propose reforms of the EU for consideration by the next IGC. See paragraphs 9 and 129-30.
a rule, method, or practice established by usage
is a writing device or technique which has become accepted by constant usage.
a rule of usage or punctuation, or typesetting that is created somewhat arbitrarily by translators
An annual event held by LABBS for the competing choruses and quartets.
a family event for everyone to attend and enjoy
a great event and one that many yo-yo players will continue to attend
a great opportunity to build positive and lasting customer relationships
a great thing (in fact, it's first and foremost a job fair for flop-sweat-covered grad students, not an academic conference)
an exceptional flutist, plays with great virtuosity, and is ably accompanied here by an orchestra of college students, who sound professional in every way
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An agreement on the meaning of particular (sequence of) bid(s) between two partners, where the meaning of the bid(s) is not necessarily (and most often is not) related to the length and strength of bid suits, that is, an agreement on an artificial call or play. See article: Bridge conventions (slam seeking).
A bid whose meaning is not closely related to the strain bid or the level bid.
a set of meanings, determined before the game, that partners attach to their bids and plays so that they can communicate information about their hands to each other
an understanding between partners that would not ordinarily be understood by the opponents in the absence of an explanation.
a generally understood rule
A commonly understood and accepted way of doing something; for example, displaying file size and download time required for video links in a web page, using a common format for naming objects of the same class, saving similar type files with the same extension.
A practice or procedure, technique or device widely observed and accepted; a custom.
A theatrical custom that the audience accepts without thinking, such as "when the curtain comes down, the play is over." Each period and culture develops its own dramatic conventions, which playwrights may either accept or violate.
an accepted way in which things are done
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a key victory for Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and other officials who pushed hard to get public financing
COST: use to note specific dollar amounts. COUNTY: use when the distinction is important. COURT: use for the judicial process in a general sense CRIME: use in a general sense to filter out major stories; can be paired with STATISTIC, CELEBRITY, EMPLOYEE, etc. CULT: religious or political groups.
A gathering of like minded-fans to celebrate a particular interest.
a gathering of ice cream retailers and manufacturers from all across the United States with the purpose of exchanging information and ideas
a wonderful opportunity for members to get together with business associates, learn the latest on state and national trucking issues, and relax with friends and family
a wonderful summer destination
a huge undertaking, and we need your help for MEPACON to continue to succeed as the premier gaming event in Mid-Eastern PA
a major responsibility
a major undertaking and not everything goes as planned
A device of style or subject matter so often used that it becomes a recognized means of expression. For example, a lover observing the literary love conventions cannot eat or sleep and grows pale and lean. Romeo, at the beginning of the play is a conventional lover, while an overweight lover in Chaucer is consciously mocking the convention.
a venue in which the dancers get the opportunity to take classes and learn routines, technique and train with the best Master Teachers and working professionals in the business
A convention is one to four days long, usually comprising of multiple adventures, slots and 25 or more sessions at a given venue and pre-advertised by the Senior GM. These events are open to the public.
a constant demand to read the leaflet, wear the sticker, take the CD and sign up to volunteer - and it is the silence of meditating Buddhists and Falun Gong
In addition to feasts, meetings, sometimes lasting several days, where all Kingdom members from around the country were expected to attend. Usually held at the year's mid-point or end. See also Feast
World Service Convention is held periodically to promote recovery and fellowship for OA members around the world. The next World Service Convention will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, in 2007.
a life changing experience for FFA members, inspiring them to
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orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional
a time for the medical schools of Australia to battle it out in the annual medical school competitions - the Annual Debating Series, Sports Day, Emergency Challenge and the Cascade Cup and Pipps Cup
a booming industrial MIH of agriculture, entertainment, high-tech and healthcare
A document usually developed by an industry, sometimes by a company, which describes the selected subset of a standard and the way data will be used by the industry or company EDI trading community.
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an immersion in the world of stuttering
a constraint in that it prohibits some activities and encourages others
a cultural constraint, one that has evolved over time
a crowning moment in the life of a Communist Party
a riot of balloons, speeches, people and parties
A method established under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) to determine the portion of the year to depreciate property. This method is used both in the year the property is placed in service and in the year of disposition.
name for the legislative body of France after the declaration of the Republic (1792) until the consulate (1799)
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a gigantic group effort, so it is important to work with the rest of the group
a lot of work and effort
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a text that utilizes a popular storyline
a concept considerably employed in the arts, particularly the performing arts such as dance
Assumption made in accounting as many accounting concepts come from assumptions that have proven to be practicable.
a predisposition for participants in a joint activity to expect certain points of coordination to develop during the course of the activity
New state constitutions were usually written by specially called state conventions that were empowered to draft the charters. They illustrate the idea that constitutions are contracts between the people and their leaders.
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The act of coming together; the state of being together; union; coalition.
a place to do valuable preliminary research
a validation of our expertise in the sector in general and in the regulatory domain in particular
an article from the Business (Regional) category
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an agreed-upon way of doing things
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a little bit different
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See Trade Show cross reference.
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the act of convening