Definitions for "Coalition"
A combination, for temporary purposes, of persons, parties, or states, having different interests.
A group of players in a game who work together with each other.
(koh-uh-LISH-uhn) noun—two or more groups formed together for a common purpose. The countries that support the U.S-led war, namely, Britain and Australia, are members of a coalition.
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a bad thing for Tamil Nadu
a bad thing to Tamil Nadu
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a temporaryalliance
an organization of people (or countries) involved in a pact or treaty
a loose network of solidarity organizations working with partners in Central America to further opposition to the Central America Free Trade Agreement
an organization of community members who wish to make this and surrounding communities drug free
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a community of peers who seek to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS through mutual support and empowerment, exchange of information, advocacy, and by being a watchful member of the team of AIDS org
The act of coalescing; union into a body or mass, as of separate bodies or parts; as, a coalition of atoms.
a union of people and organizations working to influence outcomes on a specific problem
a union to the keeping and promotion of work and economic terms
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an ad hoc arrangement between two or more nations for common action
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a set of agents and a pattern of interactions among them
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a public private
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a movement in the forming