Definitions for "sociaList"
a communist who didn't try hard enough
a Communist who is to cowardly to pick up a gun
a little right of a communist, but not much
One who advocates or practices the doctrines of socialism.
a political advocate of socialism
of or relating to or promoting or practicing socialism; "socialist theory"; "socialist realism"; "asocialist party"
a dupe, who has grand ideas of humanitarianism that don't work in the real world, who see no problem with government re- distributing the work and wealth of other people
a person who selflessly demands that people who have provide for people who have not
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a man who wants all the chimneys swept and all the chimney sweeps paid for it
a person who wants the same crappy service for all
A groupware cataloging system for profiles, music, books and movies.
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A person who is a proponent of socialism (see below).
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a man who has both feet firmly planted in the air
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Pertaining to, or of the nature of, socialism.