Definitions for "Solidarity"
an approach which is based on the idea that conflict based on exploitation or domination exists, and that people in a position of exploitation or domination must fight against their exploiters to liberate themselves.
Spontaneous people's movement against communist regime, starting in August 1980 with shipyard strike.  Crushed in December 1981, resurrected in 1989 and became main factor in dismantling of Soviet Empire.
Brotherhood, unity and togetherness which Nationalists foster among the American People.
This is being down with the people and experiencing what its like to live in poverty without the hunger and usually with running water. It is easier to give solidarity if you are in the field. You can also give solidarity if you are a lawyer and are working as a humanitarian affairs officer and think about the beneficiaries and there precarious humanitarian situation a lot.
An entire union or consolidation of interests and responsibilities; fellowship; community.
The principle underlying pay-as-you-go pension systems that future contributors will pay what is necessary to meet pensions becoming due.
a useful site looking at issues surrounding the people who work in the factories, and the reason for them being there