Definitions for "Issues"
Issues is the term given to the general classification of helpdesk problems, or issues. They are arranged hierarchically and are selected to give meaning to a helpdesk job.
problems or defects
topic or statement of a problem that results from perceived or actual incompatible interests.
A edition of a book may be composed of several issues or states, and is described as such when a change has been made during the same edition.
Issues is the fourth album by the band Korn. This album featured four different covers each designed by Korn fans as part of an MTV competition (The winning cover seen at right was designed by Alfredo Carlos; another CD cover for special limited edition of the album features a cartoonish half-caricature for the band).
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A vague term describing anything that causes you grief from the opposite sex to tons of homework, as in "I'm having some serious issues with him."
an acronym for Innovative Sustainable Systems Utilizing Economic Solutions. Various combinations of anaerobic and aerobic treatment processes are used to maximize treatment efficiencies, byproduct production, and water reuse.
a combination of the lens used and the angle of light towards the sensor
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Language and Linguistics Law
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a bit dated, so maybe things have changed there
Departments requisition goods from general stores or central supply, which then issues the goods to the departments.
an on line discussion forum for the school community
priority areas selected by the Association for study and action.
a first step toward preparing legislation
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the result of applying a test on a page or site.