Definitions for "Propose"
To offer for consideration, discussion, acceptance, or adoption; as, to propose terms of peace; to propose a question for discussion; to propose an alliance; to propose a person for office.
To form or declare a purpose or intention; to lay a scheme; to design; as, man proposes, but God disposes.
To offer for consideration or adoption; to declare an intention.
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Keywords:  discourse, talk
Talk; discourse.
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To set before one's self or others as a purpose formed; hence, to purpose; to intend.
propose or intend; "I aim to arrive at noon"
The formal process of publishing a proposed Federal regulation in the Federal Register and establishing a comment period for public input into the decision-making process. Plants and animals must be proposed for listing as threatened or endangered species, and the resulting public comments must be analyzed, before the Service can make a final decision.
put forward; nominate for appointment to an office; "The President nominated her as head of the Civil Rights Commission"
Keywords:  speak, converse
To speak; to converse.
Keywords:  forth, set
To set forth.
Keywords:  self, marriage, offer, one
To offer one's self in marriage.