Definitions for "RFP"
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Request For Proposal. An invitation for providers of a product or service to...
Request for Proposal. In group insurance, a document that provides detailed information about the requested coverage and requests a bid from the insurer for providing that coverage.
A type of solicitation document for purchases of either products or services. Allows suppliers to propose solutions or methods that will arrive at the end product. Allows for evaluation on criteria other than price. The purpose of this document is to maximize competition and obtain the best pricing, quality, delivery, etc. possible.
Used to send out to multiple companies in order to get a list of services to be delivered and at what cost.
RFPs are tenders for certain services. This term has been marked in the hospitality industry and describes the yearly negotiation process of the Consortia Rates with the Travel Agency Consortia and the Negotiated Rates with different companies.
Rapid Freeze Prototyping A Developing Process of freezing water into a 3D model.
Registration Flow Process
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Radio Fixed Part; equivalent to a base station in a DECT system.
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Ready for pull
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Reasonable Further Progress. specified rate of progress towards meeting an air quality standard, as set forth in law or in a plan
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Removable Front Panel