Definitions for "Notice of Intent"
Keywords:  noi, permittee, npdes, eis, cfr
Announcement in the Federal Register advising interested parties that an EPA will be prepared and circulated for a given project.
A notice published in the Federal Register stating that an environmental impact statement will be prepared and providing a brief description of the proposed action and possible alternatives, and contact information for obtaining further information about the project and preparation of the DEIS.
The first formal pleading issued which begins a registration disqualification proceeding. It states the allegations which will be proven to show that an applicant or registrant is disqualified from CFTC registration.
a form to be filled out by the landowner or logger who intends to cut trees
the method by which a ministry declares that it intends to negotiate a contract directly with a specified contractor, without a competitive process. It provides an opportunity for other potential proponents to object to the direct award. 6.3.2b
A document that describes a subject area for which the Federal Government is considering developing regulations. It may describe the presumably relevant considerations and invite comments from interested parties. These comments can then be used in developing an NPRM or a final regulation.
A Department of Community Affairs determination that an adopted comprehensive plan amendment is either "in compliance" or "not in compliance" with state law (FL Stat. § 163.3184(7)).
a notification to the defendant that specific documents will be used in court