Definitions for "Approved"
In fire service terminology, that which is inspected and listed by recognized fire-testing agencies. The term as used in National Fire Protection Association standards means approval by the authority having jurisdiction, such as the fire chief, insurance inspection department, or other agency that enforces standards or regulations.
Referring to materials, devices, or construction accepted by the authority having jurisdiction, by reason of tests or investigations conducted by it or by an agency satisfactory to the authority, or by reason of accepted principles or tests by national authorities or technical or scientific organizations.
Acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. The National Fire Protection Association does not approve, inspect, or certify any installations, procedures, equipment, or materials; nor does it approve or evaluate testing laboratories. In determining the acceptability of installations, procedures, equipment, or materials, the authority having jurisdiction may base acceptance on compliance with NFPA or other appropriate standards. In the absence of such standards, said authority may require evidence of proper installation, procedure, or use. The authority having jurisdiction of an organization concerned with product evaluations that are in a position to determine compliance with appropriate standards for the current production of listed items.
When a HIT is submitted, work which meets the requester's requirements will be Approved. This may happen immediately or may await additional input from the requester or the requester's application. On the Dashboard and Status views, the Approved column displays the total number of individual HITs which the worker has completed to the requester's satisfaction. Approval can be an automated process or a manual one, depending on the HIT and the requester's preferences.
Approved in writing by the Inspector or officer for the time being responsible for ensuring that requirements are met under the Health Act 1956, the Meat Act 1981, the Food Act 1981 or the FIICC Circulars. (4) * A classification used to identify a growing area where harvest for direct marketing is allowed. (3)
The IRB has reviewed the study and made a determination that the study has met all requirements. Subjects may be enrolled in the study.
generally or especially officially judged acceptable or satisfactory; "an approved method"; "work on the approved project went ahead on schedule"
A written statement of acceptability, in terms of the requirements in local and state regulations issued by the local health officer.
Financing that has been submitted and has been accepted by the lender or "bank" for a stated limit.
Indicates the company is approved (or not disapproved) to write excess or surplus lines in this state.
The result of an underwriting credit determination. A loan application may be approved with, or without, conditions to be fulfilled prior to the real estate closing.
Acceptance of an application for an insurance policy as meeting the underwriting standards of the company.
The condition which exists when the person or object to be insured meets the underwriting standards of the insurer. (G)
a "mass notification system" that would alert everyone to a hazardous situation
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In California, a level of state recognition of a school generally regarded as one step below accredited.
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The credit or debit will be applied to your account when the next Do it Best Corp. receivable processing occurs.
Approved by a restaurant’s or food establishment’s local health department or other responsible agency.
As applied to electrical equipment, means that the equipment meets the requirements of the Electrical Safety Act.
Where a procedure, practice, equipment, etc. is said to be "approved", this means it complies with written company standards. Where no such standards exist, the applicable legislation is considered to be standard.
Proposed name. Approved by Board. Advertising period incomplete.
a strong indication that you will receive a solid, well rounded education with an emphasis on the law
a business directory for worldwide consumers
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