Definitions for "AFM"
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(AFM) Stands for Adobe Font Metric. These files store information about the width and spacing associated with the font, as opposed to information about the font shape.
(Adobe Font Metrics) A specification for storing (in a text file) font metrics information such as character widths, kerning pairs, and character bounding boxes.
Adobe Font Metrics. A text file that stores font metrics information such as character widths and kerning pairs. This file is often not needed as long as there is a PFM file (PC format), so some fonts may come without an AFM file.
Atomic Force Microscopy, a technique for measuring the topology of 'bumps' on a CD or DVD stamper, to ensure that the mastering and electrofoming processes are creating stampers that will result in good pit geometry.
Air Force Manual
Atomic force microscope. The atomic force microscope measures forces that occur between the tip of the microscope and the sample. Under a certain distance, the electrons of the atoms repulse the tip from the sample. At larger distances, however, these forces attract one another. This method is quite similar to the scanning tunneling microscope (STM). It is interesting for biological research since it can also be used to examine non-conducting materials.
Audio Frequency modulation. This is the professional term for Hi-Fi Audio where the audio tracks are frequency modulated on the tape using high frequency carriers. The perfromance is far superior to linear tracks.
Audio Frequency Modulation. The method of recording high fidelity audio on videotape along with the video signals.
See audio frequency modulation.
Amman Financial Market. The institution that was previously the regulator and operator of Jordan's capital market and has since been replaced by the regulatory body, the Jordan Securities Commission. The operations of the capital market now occur in the Amman Stock Exchange and the Securities Depository Center.
Autoriteit Financieele Markten, voorheen STE (Stichting Toezicht Effectenverkeer): the Dutch regulatory body for the securities industry. Web address:
Annala Rioghachta Eireann (The Annals of the Four Masters)
Advanced fuel management
Assistant Floor Manager. The junior person in the production crew who assists the stage/floor manager with such jobs as looking after the actors, checking the props and co-ordinating rehearsals and studio production ( see Floor manager under Work areas in the television industry, p. 36)
AFM (Active Fuel Management), MDS (Multiple Displacement System), and VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) are brand names used by General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, and Honda, respectively, to describe their cylinder deactivation systems, which shut down half of an engine’s cylinders when the extra power is not needed. This is particularly useful for vehicles with six- and eight-cylinder engines.
The Aircraft Flight Manual is a book containing the limitations, procedures, performance and other information and instructions required to operate the aircraft safely, plus all required AFM supplements.
Canadair Regional Jet Airplane Flight Manual
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Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine
American Film Market
American Federation of Musicians.
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Astronomical Full Moon
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Acoustic flow monitor
After acquired clause After hours dealing or trading
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Air Flow Meter.