Definitions for "Tuner "
Television and VCR components that receives RF signals from an antenna or other RF source and decodes into separate audio and video signals.
A device that detects, selects and displays different frequencies, like digital TV channels for instance. The tuner may be integrated into the HDTV set (see "HDTV-ready") or sold separately as a "set-top box," especially for "HDTV-capable" sets. Nowadays tuners automatically search for available TV signals for the clearest possible reception. Some of us remember the days when we had to spin dials until we received the clearest possible reception from one channel, then spun the next dial to receive the clearest possible signal from the next channel, and so on.
Audio: A device for tuning AM and FM radio signals. Video: A device for tuning television broadcasts. Typically the are built into another unit (such as a A/V Receiver or TV respectively), although they can be sold as separate components.
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this allows television channels to be tuned in. There are normally two types of tuner, an analogue tuner which would tune in the 5 main terrestrial TV channels when connected to an aerial, or a digital tuner, which tunes in the 20 - 30 FREEVIEW digital channels. Some plasma televisions do not include a tuner as standard, or may feature an external tuner box.
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Tuner...the racing, tuning and styling car game for Linux. Develop your character, Upgrade your ride, earn respect and street cred. Race. Better your characters skills to unlock better rides and upgrades.
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Tuner is a small Java application that allows the user to tune a variety of musical instruments using their PC.
One who tunes; especially, one whose occupation is to tune musical instruments.
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