Definitions for "Transmitter"
One who, or that which, transmits; specifically, that portion of a telegraphic or telephonic instrument by means of which a message is sent; -- opposed to receiver.
A transducer which responds to a measured variable by means of a sensing element and converts it to a standardized transmission signal which is a function only of the measurement.
commonly used in pressure measurement to refer to devices whose signals are not appreciably degraded by transmission over long distances. See FAQ about transmitters
In fiber optic communications, a light source whose beam can be modulated and sent along an optical fiber, and the electronics that support it.
Argos platform transmitter electronics, also known as a Platform Transmitter Terminal (P.T.T.). Must conform to a model certified by CNES.
drilling equipment – The downhole component of an electronic locating system. Same as a sonde.
any agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease; "mosquitos are vectors of malaria and yellow fever"; "fleas are vectors of the plague"; "aphids are transmitters of plant diseases"; "when medical scientists talk about vectors they are usually talking about insects"
mother transmitting a disease to her child, whether or not she may be afflicted with the disease.
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The part of a flow meter that produces the usable flow information from the transducer.
A transducer that has a 4-20 mA two wire output.
The source of the signa l to be measured in a geophysical survey. In airborne EM it is most often a coil carrying a time-varying electrical current, transmitting the primary field. (see also receiver)
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A transmitter is a business or representative of a business whose role includes typing and submitting employer data via WOW.
a person or business that submits returns, either on their own behalf or for others
in communication, another name for sender
someone who transmits a message; "return to sender"
A company that moves large amounts of electricity over long distances at high voltages. In Ontario, transmission lines are usually defined as 50,000 volts and higher. By comparison, distribution lines generally are defined as operating below 50,000 volts.
The component on the "speaker" end of a transmission.
Equipment used to achieve transmission.
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See "Projector".
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an object used by a Pod to transmit data
a Helix Universal Server on which a stream originates
a very stable, powerful, and high quality FM emitter
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Hand-held, remote control which operates the various functions of your system.