Definitions for "Message"
(def 1-simple) A request you can ask of an object.
A request from one object that the receiving object implement a method. Because data is encapsulated and not directly accessible, a message is the only way to send data from one object to another. Each message specifies the name of the receiving object, the method to be implemented, and any parameters the method needs for implementation.
A message is a request for an object to perform an operation. The message is sent to the object for the object to interpret in its own understanding. In Dreams, the messages are called thoughts. Thoughts are pondered within the dynamically late bound understanding of a dream.
In the EDI industry, a message is a formalized data record transmitted between computers. In cryptography, a document (or other content) to which cryptographic techniques are applied to ensure privacy or authenticity, for example. In the context of e-mail, a unit of transmission from one individual to another.
(USA) The entire data stream including the outer envelope. (International) The equivalent of transaction set in the USA. OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
A collection of data that represents a entity of some sort, such as a purchase order, an activity notification, a request, etc. Within an integration context, an event is the basic unit of data that is exchanged between processes or systems. The terms event, document and message are often used interchangeably.
IIOP communicates via IIOP messages. The most usual are Request and Reply.
this is what members type to add their thoughts to a thread. Also known as a Reply or post.
Information that originates in the CallPath Enterprise subsystem (although it may be triggered by the telephone switch) and is presented to the application program to notify it of an event.
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Any notice, word, or communication, written or verbal, sent from one person to another.
Hence, specifically, an official communication, not made in person, but delivered by a messenger; as, the President's message.
From Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 ( 1999-06-15) The basic unit of HTTP communication, consisting of a structured sequence of octets matching the syntax defined in section 4 and transmitted via the connection.
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A long sequence of bytes that typically represent a «unit of meaning» to the application processes that send and receive it. In order to communicate by message, applications exchange frames.
send a message to; "She messaged the committee"
send as a message; "She messaged the final report by fax"
a method for asynchronous dispatch, and used to communicate between different processes (which may run on different machines)
an in-memory SOAP envelope which enables you to code against SOAP
action, ~asynchronous, ~event, ~remote, ~synchronous
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Arbitrary MIME content
an object that contains arbitrary data, where that data is stored as a set of names and values
a sequence of data items of arbitrary length
a sappy, love-struck ballad, with Martin strumming his acoustic guitar and warbling lines like "my song is love" and "heavy hearts made of stone
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A digital representation of information.
a document with an author and a timestamp, and perhaps other definitive information about itself, with a document which is its body
an atomic piece of information carried by the MoldUDP protocol
Information passed during invocation; contains a parameter word, four keys, and an optional string of data up to 4096 bytes. When more information must be transferred, extended invocation is commonly used.
a string of characters from a specified alphabet
a string with embedded named placeholders
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MESSAGE is Aya Ueto's second solo Japanese studio album. It sold 43,154 copies in its first week and peaked at #6. The album charted for 11 weeks and sold a total of 74,934 copies overall, becoming her best selling album to date.
a sly deception designed to appeal broadly to patriotic, hard-working Americans, many of whom will ultimately serve on juries
The presentation of the sermon by the pastor or evangelist.
a body of text, with a subject text
Two lines of customizable, temporary text that appears at the bottom of Estimates, Invoices, Statements, and Purchase Orders.
A Message is the name for a piece of text which has been received from Jagex Customer Service through the Message Inbox. See here to check your messages. See also Customer Service, Jagex, Message Inbox.
The underlying theme or idea in advertisement.
Prepared words / statements that a company wants to convey to the media, e.g. Pr4everyone wants to convey the message that it is the first online public relations portal for small and medium sized business and that its information is free.
The idea that an advertiser wants to convey through an advertisement.
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a note posted onto the discussion board
a post within a thread
A piece of e-mail or a posting to a newsgroup.
an aligned array of bytes in DMAable memory
an array of elements of a given datatype
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a little ridiculous
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The basic unit of information in a classifier system that is stored in the message list.
a basic subset of KQML
a continuous memory region of basic data types or a buffer
an immediately intriguing hook for the listener
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Any message carried on the network, including conference topics and responses, and e-mail.
a typical mail that you can write to any member if you like/want
A collective term for mail and phone messages, appointments, tasks, notes, workflow steps, and other custom message types.
A named sequence of items. Each item is itself a string of 0 to 255 characters but the meaning associated with each item depends on the routine which is processing it.
a sequence of bytes, with an associated type
a sequence of characters arranged sequentially in space on a medium
a group of bits being transmitted.
a set of data that needs to be transmitted from one application to another application, on the same or a different computer in a network
A chunk of data that is transmitted over a network.
Indicates whether the contact is On Leave or On Sabbatical.
a statement of truth from the speaker that can motivate and encourage people to achieve the extraordinary
a statement of values and principles, not a set of policies or positions
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a part of the IV Podcast, is aired at the beginning of the show
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a way for the operating system to tell an application that something has happened--for example, the user has typed, clicked, or moved the mouse, or the printer has become available
Something left by a BBS user for others to read. A message could be left for a single user, or for all users to read.
a single comment, question or response within a topic
The author's thoughts about a topic in informational text
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an integer value
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a lot like an alert, but it doesn't force you to acknowledge it right away
a spontaneously formulated unit that has at least one symbolic/word referent and contributes meaning to the conversation
a contiguous region of memory, being a colon definition
a signal composed of signs
a signal or combination of signals that serves as a stimulus for a receiver
the exchange of an electronic document between a trading party and the Marketplace.
An electronic instance of data, as typically exchanged between two running business processes or applications.
a frame of reference that distinguishes you from your opponent and serves as a frame for all your issues
Each item of correspondence in the Talk Services.
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a phrase or issue that is associated with a brand that a company wants to monitor and track
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an input to the state machine
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To bear as a message.
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a much more dynamic construct than a method
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an ordered set of variables (S
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a completed call