Definitions for "Mailer"
A corrugated cardboard carton, frequently tailor made, to contain one volume, a set, etc. This is usually the protective container in which the material is mailed; also called Mailing Carton. to top
A corrugated cardboard package, typically designed to hold one volume of a book or one set, etc. A mailer is used as an outer protective wrapper for mailing purposes and sometimes is termed mailing carton. Mailer also refers to one who uses the mails as an advertising medium to promote a product or service to persons or organizations appearing on a house list or the mailing lists of others. See also ALL-FLAPS-MEET MAILER INDICIA JIFFY BAG ONE PIECE FOLDER (OPF)
1. Direct mail advertiser who promotes products or services by using house lists or his own list - or the two combined. 2. Folded carton, wrapper, or tube used to protect materials in the mail. 3. Printed direct mail advertising piece.
Mailer is a program for managing email aliases and mailing lists. It allows users and administrators to create and manage email aliases, by means of which users can change their "mail home", or manage simple mailing lists.
A specially designed foil-lined box for sending full book matches through the U.S. Postal Service.
A "channel" for sendmail via which to output mails. This is a very general concept, including talking SMTP* or UUCP* to other mail servers, delivering a mail to a mailbox, piping a mail to a program; anything via which a mail can be sent ending up of sendmail's control.
A mailed advertisement.
a promotional piece sent through the mail.
an advertisement that is sent by mail
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A program used by BBS's that allows other BBS's to call, so that mail and/or files can be transfered automatically between the two.
a program used to read and write electronic mail. WWWebfx Home Page
The program that does the actual delivery of mail.
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United States writer (born in 1923)
A region added to a document window that transforms the document into a letter. The mailer enables the user to enter addresses and subject information, enclose other files and folders in the letter, and add a digital signature to the letter.
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a person who mails something
a container for something to be mailed
An ad circular direct mailed to customers.
A company that mails its direct mail package to consumers and/or businesses.