Definitions for "autoresponder "
Designed for insertion into a .forward or .qmail file, autoresponder is a simple email receptionist; it replies to any mail messages it receives on STDIN with the response you specify in the command-line arguments.
Program that enables you to send an automatic e-mail response to incoming e-mails; for instance, a "thank you" in response to all online orders even if you haven't yet processed the order.
This email address automatically sends a prewritten message out from the mail server to whomever emails that address. The delivery is practically instantaneous.
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avatar AVI
a must-have tool for every serious marketer
a powerful marketing tool
a tool which will help you simplify the process of following up on leads from your business
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an immense time saver
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a great way for an entrepre
a great way to automate a lot of the sales process that you used to use after someone visited your web site
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an attribute of a mailbox
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a "virtual secretary" that can do all of that
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a must if you plan to stay up to date with communicating with your customers
an account that manages your database of potential customers
a system that you use when you buy leads
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a must for any serious internet marketer
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a bit of computer code that sits on an Internet server