Definitions for "Auto responder"
An email message that is sent automatically in response to a message to another email address. Also known as Autobot or Infobot.
An auto responder is a type of E-mail that automatically replies with a standard message to anyone who sends mail to it. They can be used as E-mail brochures to easily disseminate information to interested customers about specific products, new product announcements, or your company. They can also inform the sender that a message has been received. For instance, if you set up a vacation auto responder, you could turn it on when you leave, and anyone that sends mail to your address while you're gone will get an immediate response stating that you are out of town. Businesses use auto responders for getting more out to interested customers. offers unlimited autoresponders with our hosting packages. See Also: SMART AUTO RESPONDER
An auto responder allows you to respond to emails you have received automatically. For instance, you may set an auto responder to reply to senders when you are away form the office or on vacation. Emails containing a custom message will be automatically sent back to anyone emailing you. Every email address Halfprice Hosting provides can have an auto responder associated with it.
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an automated tool that works much like a Fax On Demand (FOD)
a powerful tool that will allow you to automatically interact with your subscribers
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an excellent way to stay on top of requests that come via your web site
an essential part of any online business regardless of your advertising budget