Definitions for "Filter"
Any porous substance, as cloth, paper, sand, or charcoal, through which water or other liquid may passed to cleanse it from the solid or impure matter held in suspension; a chamber or device containing such substance; a strainer; also, a similar device for purifying air.
To purify or defecate, as water or other liquid, by causing it to pass through a filter.
To pass through a filter; to percolate.
system software: A small piece of code (module) used by an application to convert a document created by another application into a file format that it can read or modify the content of an image. Common use: Photoshop filters.
A layer of absorption material that is placed in the beam of radiation for the purpose of absorbing rays of certain wavelengths and thus controlling the quality of the radiograph.
A piece of glass or plastic that is placed over the lens to alter the color or quality of the light. Filters are used also to alter the rendition of tones, reduce haze and glare, and to create special effects such as soft focus and star effects.
A set of rules that define the characteristics of a class in the IPQoS configuration file. The IPQoS system selects for processing any traffic flows that conform to the filters in its IPQoS configuration file.
facility allowing subsequent commands to operate only on records that conform to specified criteria. [D00678] WST
A program or feature that lets users sort through data by specifying selection criteria.
PLUG-IN for an image-editing program such as Photoshop, which is designed to produce a certain effect. For example, filters may be designed to blur or sharpen an image, or to create special effects such as motion trails or fractal patterns.
Used to apply special effects to an image.
A function for special effects. It is possible to apply a filter to artwork to achieve many different looks that would be difficult with manual drawing techniques. There is a concern over excessive use of filters creating artwork that is too complex to output.
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A program or feature that lets users sort through data. Filters typically refer to e-mail programs used to send e-mail messages to a particular mail folder.
A software program that accepts incoming data, processes it based on programmable criteria, and then moves it to the next appropriate location for action. For example, when you fill out an airlines survey on-line, you click on certain options that indicate your travel habits (Click here if you fly internationally more than six times a year). The filter sifts through the half million survey responses and sends all respondents who fly overseas more than six times a year to the next program down the pipeline, in order to service that level of customer. E-mail programs can allow you to use filters to automatically route e-mails to certain folders based on the sender's information or even to delete e-mails that include certain subject lines.
An e-mail feature that allows users to either kill e-mail or channel it to a special folder.
A type of program especially common in Unix in which a file or other data stream (by default, the standard input) is read serially, modified in some regular way, and sent (in modified form) to some other file or stream (by default, the standard output), without any change to the original data source. There are many languages for creating simple text filters in Unix, like sed, awk, and perl.
A programming idea/paradigm/ idiom whereby an application provides the functionality of reading its input, massaging it in some manner, and then producing output, typically making use of stdin and stdout file handle
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See UBE filter, Allow filter, Deny filter.
An online process that is called by Faris every time a user makes a request to access a URL. Being in action, the Filter first checks if the URL is defined in Faris database. If so, it either allows access to the URL, or blocks any response from it, depending on the status defined for the URL in the database. On the other hand, if the URL is not defined in the database, the Filter checks the contents of the requested URLs against certain keywords in order to determine whether the requested URL is to be Allowed or Blocked.
A filter manages access to online content. A filter can restrict times when the Internet can be accessed and also restrict what is viewed and downloaded. Some filters can also be instructed to specifically block information from being displayed. Types of filters range from home filters to filters used by a school on its server.
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Operating parameter used in LAN bridges and routers. When set, the filter causes bridges and routers to block transfer of packets between LANs. The term "filter" also applies to a hardware device, such as a microfilter. When installed, this device reduces interference between DSL signals and telephone signals.
A device in theory or practice that takes a signal string which is undefined in terms of scale and converts it by a process of integration into a scaled message (Allen and Starr 1982) A filter is always associated with the surface of higher level entity (holon)(Kolasa and Rollo 1991). Rapid dynamics of lower level systems can be said to be filtered out at the higher level and to become constants or boundary conditions.
Device installed between a telephone and the wall jack which filters the noise interference caused by DSL signals.
A filter is a piece of software which examines email or internet data and decides whether to send it on, discard it or quarantine it, by following a set of rules.
A filter specifies what packets will be used. It is also used in firewalls to determine which packets get blocked and in sniffers to determine which packets get displayed.
A term used to describe the way a bridge examines a packet and decides on the basis of its address tables whether or not the packet should be forwarded.
Device attached at the end of a tobacco rod that assists reduction in the smoke yield to the smoker.
A fibrous material wound to the diameter of a cigarette and bound to the cigarette in such a manner as to filter out excess amounts of tar in cigarette smoke. Filters are designed to reduce the amount of smoke reaching the smoker. Most are made from a textile fibre – cellulose. It has no taste, and is firm enough to hold its shape. Along with other design elements such as ventilation, different filters can result in different yields of tar and nicotine, resulting in different strengths of the taste of the smoke. Native American Cigarettes use all natural cotton filters.
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something that helps separate out unwanted things from water.
a method of eliminating unwanted data, cannot be saved in Access as an object
a circuit or a software program that is able to reduce unwanted noise, thus improving the signal to noise ratio
( verb) To ride through traffic typically by changing lanes often and lane splitting.
In IPSec, a rule that provides the ability to trigger security negotiations for a communication based on the source, destination, and type of IP traffic. See also search filter.
For Indexing Service, software that extracts content and property values from a document in order to index them. For IPSec, a specification of IP traffic that provides the ability to trigger security negotiations for a communication based on the source, destination, and type of IP traffic. See also: document; property value
The filter option, if set to true, when running a blast, will allow you to mask out various segments of the query sequence for regions which are non-specific for sequence similarity searches. Filtering can eliminate statistically significant but biologically uninteresting reports from the output, for example hits against common acidic-, basic- or proline-rich regions, leaving the more biologically interesting regions of the query sequence available for specific matching against database sequences. Filtering is only applied to the query sequence, not to database sequences. The program used for this, with nucleotide query sequences is known as DUST written by Tatusov, R. L., and Lipman, D.J. The SEG program is used for filtering low complexity regions in amino acid sequences from your protein query sequence and was written by Wootton, J.C., and Federhen, S.
A constraint applied to a directory query that restricts the information returned.
To show only certain records from a table. A filter in Access can also include sorting information. A filter is not stored in the Database window while a query is.
Mathematical procedure used for the convolution of the attenuation profiles and the consequent reconstruction of the CT-image.
Another name for Convolution Filter.
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Same as Philter.
Filter is a rock group formed in 1993 by Richard Patrick (former live guitarist for Nine Inch Nails) and guitarist/programmer Brian Liesegang. Filter's most distinguishing feature is Richard Patrick's voice, which can soar to quite a high scream - on just about all songs.
To include in an analysis only a certain category of respondents. Notice that this is the opposite in meaning to "filter out"; thus a table headed "filtered to age 35-plus" means that only respondents aged 35 and over are included.
Facility that tests every server transaction to see if certain conditions are met and responds to the conditions by taking a specific action or actions. The AR System administrator can define filters that set fields to specified values, run independent system processes, send an interactive message to the user, notify the user when the state of an AR changes, or make an entry in an audit trail log. Filters run on the server.
When only a section of the total sample are required to answer the question, e.g. if the question asks why people are dissatisfied with a particular service, only those who are dissatisfied should answer the question. Those who are satisfied will skip to the next question that is to be asked of all respondents.
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Filter breather Filter coalescing
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The filter in a search request specifies a pattern which an entry in the scope of the search must match for that entry to be returned in the search response. Filters are also used in constructing role and access control definitions.
An LDAP search is carried out by defining a base DN scope and a search filter.
In the Font Manger, a filter restricts the scope of the enumeration and activation function to the font families and fonts that match a particular technology, font container, or generation tag.
Hardware or software designed to restrict access to certain areas on the Internet.
Analyze individual messages for spam content.
Filter is a software application that is used to filter out web pages that use spam for promotion of pages.
Granular material placed around a submarine pipe to facilitate drainage and at the same time strain or prevent the admission of silt or sediment.
layer of fabric, sand, gravel, or graded rock placed between bank revetment and soil for the following purposes: 1) to prevent the soil from moving through the revetment by piping, extrusion, or erosion; 2) to prevent the revetment from sinking into the soil; and 3) to permit natural seepage from the streambank, thus preventing the buildup of excessive hydrostatic pressure.
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A mathematical routine that alters the price series. This may be achieved by measuring the movement of price around a moving average that smoothes the price data to remove noise. Alternatively filters may be used in developing trading rules to eliminate loss making trades. 5-3-5 (Elliott Wave) This is a method of referring to a simple ABC pattern that is comprised of five-wave waves A and C divided by a three-wave wave B. The diagram shows this pattern.
Set of instructions that 'filter' out and display only the information being looked for from large amount of data. Often used with database and DOS programmers.
A method to emphasize information important to you by removing unnecessary information from the report. For example, instead of looking at the total sales picture, you can view sales for a specific region, product line, or demographic market without deleting data in the report.
The filters support the exchange of finite element and superelement meshes between FEFLOW and external formats. The Filter Development Kit allows the creation and implementation of user-defined filters.
Filters allow users to segment mailouts based on profile data
If you imagine your website gets 1000 surfers per day... You could just show those 1000 surfers an advert for a paysite, where you'd be paid commission on anything those surfers bought. But you could go one step further and try to find out what each of those surfers was really interested in. Obviously you can't physically ask each surfer what turns them on the most, so you need to offer links on your website which get the surfers making choices. Filtering is about working with any kind of website traffic and making the most of it - getting a surfer to a page they're really interested in, and having ads there EXACTLY matching their interests. To filter is to offer choices to a surfer with the overall aim being to increase sales.
A site-written program that can reformat a static file before VM:Webgateway delivers the file to the web browser.
A filter is part of a program making it possible to read a specific format of file.
A filter takes a document file from one program ( e.g. Microsoft® Word), and filters out the text and formatting information and converts that information into a KWord document. Filters are used to read and write files for other programs. More information on the filters included with KWord is available in the section entitled Import/Export Filters.
sample is a type of Matched-Filter implementation that takes into account the effects of past and/or future symbol levels in a band-limited channel.
Filter, the publication that promises us that "Good music will prevail," is a seasonal American music and off-beat entertainment magazine for the intelligent reader. It features sharp commentary and even sharper photos of up-and-coming musicians without the need to pander to a certain demographic. Each season's (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday) issue highlights a more well-known cover artist while also taking a look at smaller bands under the heading "Getting to Know."
Uniform layer of material, u !sual higher atomic number than the spectmen, placed between 1hp. radiation source and the film or e purpose of Preferentially absorbing::. the -softer radiations.
A filter is an object that specifies a node type, a node name and eventual sub-filters corresponding to sub-nodes. The filter composition hierarchy is isomorphic to its target node structure. Notation: nested square brackets, e.g.: [NODE_TYPE_ID "Node name" handle_string_id [...] ... ]; the handle ID string is optional; a star denotes an optional filter, e.g. [NODE_TYPE_ID "Node name" handle_string_id
A filter is a text string or regular expression that is used to either exclude certain hits or only include certain hits from a Google Analytics report. Filters are commonly used to filter out certain content, such as internal company traffic or javascript libraries or to set up special reports for only certain types of content, like a subsection of a web site.
For handling filtering of content.
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A command on the Manage Bins form and the Get From Project Library form that allows you to search for a specific part.
Filters allow you to scan incoming tickets and then automatically set the assigned user, priority and category. Filters are sometimes called business rules.
A Webguru filter is a mechanism that allows you to narrow your report to certain aspects. For example, with filters you could build a report of visitors from Google. The report would be like every other report, except that all non-Google visitors will be ignored. More informations about filters
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see Filtering bleb
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Used to prevent dirt from entering the marker's valve system from the air source. (FR: DDPD)
A chamber containing sleeve filter elements to treat dust laden air.
Lets you extract information from an Object inserted in the Report Editor or the BusinessAnalyzer window.
A mathematical formula applied to a digital image. Most image editors offer filters that can make dramatic changes in the appearance of a photograph.
A way of hiding certain file types by their file names or extensions.
A filter allows you to hide items which are unimportant at the moment, or simply aren't relevant to the current view.
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A love charm or potion.
Filter was a TV show on the American G4 cable television channel which follows a countdown format. It was cancelled in December 2005, ressurected in a re-formated form, and then once again cancelled in January 2007.
Filter used to reduce, if necessary, the overall distortion due to the current harmonics injected into the mains upstream of a UPS by its rectifier-charger. Filtering is superior to that of a traditional filter of the L or C type.
A transparent medium that absorbs specific regions of the spectrum and transmits other portions.
A specialized piece of equipment for carrying out filtration, consisting of the filter medium and suitable holder for constraining and supporting the filter in the fluid path.
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A filter servlet is simply a servlet that performs some filtering task. A filter rule is a trigger that enables a filter servlet.
The percentage by which the price of a security must change in order to trigger its purchase or sale.
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A feature of ISAPI that allows pre-processing of requests and post-processing of responses, permitting site-specific handling of Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests and responses.
This is a piece of code which processes individual, personal preferences in order to deliver relevant information to a particular end user, for example, directing e-mail to the correct recipient.
A program that processes individual, personal preferences in an attempt to deliver relevant information to a particular end user.
A term used to refer to preferences in encryption, authentication, compression and protocol etc. for a particular end-user system.
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Drip method A brewing method in which hot water is poured over, and flows through, a bed of roasted and ground coffee contained in a paper, cloth or gold filter.
(Filtre) : Process limiting the computation, display and printing to specified information.
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CHAR Description of records of interest.
Repeats a dialog, "filtering" for a specific condition (eg: Party is a borrower) and strips out records that do not meet the condition.
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Part of a crossover.
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A computer software module used to process and modify digital video for adding special effects to a program.
ˈfɪltɹ̩] - in the source/filter model, the component that modifies (using resonance) the wave produced by the source. For speech, this is all of the vocal tract above the vocal folds.
Filters are units designed to clean and clear water. There are two main types used for ponds, mechanical and biological. The filter can be located either in-pond or external, out of pond filters can be either gravity or pressure types, with pressure being the most common. Filter choices
The part of the filter that cleans the water.
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Anything that throws out some and keeps some parts of a sound like a sieve.
A rule that stipulates when a security should be bought or sold according to past price action.
Financial intermediaries Firm market
See: translator
The name for an application that translates digital information from one form to another.
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Filter scaling
A component for smoothing the DC current in an AF drive.
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Something with small holes in it used in filtering.
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See converter.
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See Also: Color Filter