Definitions for "Rectifier"
The device which provides low voltage direct current (DC) for the operation of the electrical part of the organ action. It incorporates transformers and diodes and is connected to the same power source that operates the blower. Older organs had DC generators, which required periodic maintenance. Rectifiers, as a rule, are trouble-free and need no attention.
A device which converts the incoming AC current to DC.
An electronic device designed to convert a current into the dc current necessary for operating carbon arcs, xenon arcs, exciter lamps, etc.
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Specifically: (a) (Naut.) An instrument used for determining and rectifying the variations of the compass on board ship. (b) (Chem.) A rectificator.
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Mexican heartburn.
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an important part of CDI system
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Recursive Formula (Filter) Red Book
a person who corrects or sets right; "a rectifier of prejudices"
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One who, or that which, rectifies.