Definitions for "Compass"
Keywords:  needle, pivot, handy, magnet, align
The range of notes, or tones, within the capacity of a voice or instrument.
An instrument for determining directions upon the earth's surface by means of a magnetized bar or needle turning freely upon a pivot and pointing in a northerly and southerly direction.
A circle; a continent.
A passing round; circuit; circuitous course.
An inclosing limit; boundary; circumference; as, within the compass of an encircling wall.
An inclosed space; an area; extent.
Computerized Movement Planning and Status System
The Computerized Adaptive, Placement, Assessment Support System test to measure academic preparedness. Contact the Counseling Center.
Computerized Movements Planning and Status System
travel around, either by plane or ship; "We compassed the earth"
an extremely valuable piece of equipment used not only by hikers and campers, but also pilots in airplanes, captains of ships at sea, and car drivers everywhere
Often accompanied by a sextant and/or an anchor indicates a master mariner but not necessarily a ship master. Stone 305 shows a large hand-held compass as used underground by a coal mine overseer. This is known as a 'Collier's Dial'.
a once in a lifetime purchase which you will use at the CNR Cloquet Forestry Summer Field Session and throughout your career
(Condensed-phase Optimized Molecular Potentials for Atomistic Simulation Studies) Molecular Mechanics force field derived from Class II force field, but optimized for condensed phase properties.
an essential element in na Chainasia Electronics Dev
an essential part of any hillwalker's equipment
the annual handbook of the Monash Postgraduate Association (MPA).
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Extent; reach; sweep; capacity; sphere; as, the compass of his eye; the compass of imagination.
To purpose; to intend; to imagine; to plot.
A comprehensive computer-adaptive testing system from ACT that helps place students into appropriate college courses and maximizes information needed to ensure student success. It measures students’ mathematics, reading, and writing skills, and reports results immediately.
COMPASS is an acronym for COMPrehensive ASSembler. COMPASS is a macro assembly language on Control Data Corporation's 3000 series, and on the 60-bit CDC 6000 series, 7600 and Cyber 70 and 170 series mainframe computers.
a must for night tracking
a very helpful aid in determining the favored end of the starting line or for tracking windshifts on the upwind or downwind leg
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One toise.
an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control: "the range of a supersonic jet"; "the ambit of municipal legislation"; "within the compass of this article"; "within the scope of an investigation"; "outside the reach of the law"; "in the political orbit of a world power"
Keywords:  proverbs, heuristics, know, sure, wish
a good idea too, but be sure you know how to use it
a small set of heuristics that you might wish to bear special attention to, in order to give you something to "hold on to", rather than all of the proverbs, principles and their exceptions that you need to know
To reach round; to circumvent; to get within one's power; to obtain; to accomplish.
bring about; accomplish; "This writer attempts more than his talents can compass"
iPlanet's technology to improve user access to network resources.
a clever improvement
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a cheap and easy EMF meter
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a necessity as part of your camping and hiking gear
a bi-monthly magazine that focuses on PATA activities, destinations and in-depth industry issues and trends
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a great aid in orienteering the map
a safe choice, in companionship with the map
an extremely simple device
a simple straightforward device
Compass is an independent global business and management consulting organization. Its motto: Fact Based Consultancy highlights its consulting services in strategy, performance improvement and business management based upon comparative analysis.
a must for anyone considering cross-country flight - and amazingly useful even for flights around the pattern
an excellent safety feature to have on your watch, especially for outdoor enthusiasts
Operational code name for British operations in Egypt against the Italians in December 1940
get the meaning of something; "Do you comprehend the meaning of this letter?"
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COMpliance ASSistance
Keywords:  blanket, true, security
a true security blanket
Efficient pocket compasses were developed during the 1800's and those most frequently found today are military bearing compasses in leather cases, which were made in the hundreds of thousands during the two world wars.
a must-read for those individuals looking to bridge the gap between IT and business in order to help their enterprises become more flexible and responsive
Moderate bounds, limits of truth; moderation; due limits; -- used with within.
the limit of capability; "within the compass of education"
a private, non-profit, community based organization dedicated to serving high-risk inner city children and their families who have a history of emotional, social and educational difficulties
Community Partnerships for Sustainable Resource Management
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a symbol of traveling - they go hand in hand
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A pair of compasses.
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a necessary piece of equipment