Definitions for "Device"
An emblematic design, generally consisting of one or more figures with a motto, used apart from heraldic bearings to denote the historical situation, the ambition, or the desire of the person adopting it. See Cognizance.
Improperly, an heraldic bearing.
The symbols displayed to distinguish a knight on the battle- or tournament field. The rules of how such devices could be rendered, called heraldry, was to grow after the 14th century from an ad hoc set of customs to a more rigid set of rules, particular during the early 16th century. Prior to that time, heralds were often associated with the artistic rendering of devices upon shields, crests, and in record books, but there was no system of registration until the 16th century.
device object, or hardware, or software functionality such as a codec.
Something attached to your computer - can be internal to the machine like a disk, or external like a mouse, or a logical device-like entity. Devices include disks, tape drives, mice, keyboards, terminals. In UNIX devices often have an associated device file in the /dev directory which represents the device and can be used to operate it. Special devices include /dev/null which throws everything away, and /dev/zero which provides infinite numbers of zeros for you enjoyment.
Any piece of equipment connected to a network or computer. Usually reserved for storage devices such as disks and tapes.
That which is devised, or formed by design; a contrivance; an invention; a project; a scheme; often, a scheme to deceive; a stratagem; an artifice.
Power of devising; invention; contrivance.
An apparatus through which a user can perceive and interact with the Web. [ DIP
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a raised design element on a coin, such as a portrait or lettering
something designed to do a particular job
is an emblem or design, usually on the fly.
The trademark of symbol of the publisher
The logo or symbol of the publisher. Certain modern publishers have used their device to identify their first editions.
Some see this as a coat-of-arms. It is a way to identify fighters and group affiliations pictorially. Unless you are titled, it is called a device. When you recieve a title, you may call it your arms.
Therapeutic, diagnostic or prosthetic articles which do not interact chemically with the body (e.g., pacemakers, intrauterine contraceptive devices, diagnostic test kits, crutches, artificial joints).
An instrument, implant, or machine intended for use in humans that works directly on the body, such as a pacemaker. Medications differ from devices because they have chemical actions and are gradually eliminated by the body.
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See pervasive device.
Any non-client, non-server part of a network managed by Tivoli software, including, but not limited to, Palm devices, handheld PCs, cable set-top boxes, and other pervasive devices.
a CMOS input plus ESD protection
a highly integrated CMOS single chip Bluetooth baseband processor targeted at low power applications
an Alpha processor
A device is an integrated circuit or other solid-state circuit formed in semiconducting materials during manufacturing.
A single discrete electronic element such as a transistor or resistor, or a number of elements integrated within on die, which cannot be further reduced or divided without eliminating its stated function. Preferred usage is die or dice, bare or prepackaged.
Any electrical part (e.g., integrated circuit, diode, resistor) with distinct electrical characteristics.
A proposed reason why some component of a chain letter motivates propagation of the letter. May be expressed as a strategy, for example "warn against discard," even though the author of the innovation may not have anticipated or intended its effect on replication.
A computer component that is designed to perform a specific task not essential to the operation of the computer itself.
component designed to perform a particular task or function
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The object responsible for talking to and acquiring data from either a tracker or a controller. The devices are defined in the trackdserver.conf or trackd.conf file and created at runtime by the Trackd Server or Trackd Daemon.
A press control or attachment that: Restrains the operator from inadvertently reaching into the point of operation; Prevents normal press operation if the operator's hands are inadvertently within the point of operation; Automatically withdraws the operator's hands if the operator's hands are inadvertently within the point of operation as the dies close; or Presents the initiation of a stroke, or stops of stroke in progress, when there is an intrusion through the sensing field by any part of the operator's body or by any other object.
an entity that connects to and is controlled by a controller
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an EISA bridge
an ISA bridge
a PCMCIA bridge
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A spectacle or show.
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a portable computer, personal digital assistant or a multi functional cellular phone, that can be part of the ad hoc network and that can run the applications.
Device, used in the context of discussions around the Web and Web standards, means some type of machine that is connected to the internet. Usually this means a personal computer, but a device could be a cell phone, personal digital assistant, screen reader or other adaptive technology for the disabled, or maybe one of those fancy internet fridges
any clever (deceptive) maneuver; "he would stoop to any device to win a point"
In HomeSeer, devices are objects that hold information. Often these objects are tied to a real, physical device in your home so that the information it holds is the status of that real device. A device can also hold information such as a weather forecast or the winning lottery numbers that were downloaded from the Internet.
a COM software object which provides Resources to the CallHandler
a network object that represents a primitive (e
In Point Clark Networks parlance, this is some sort of electronic gizmo that a) has a persistent connection to the Internet, and b) is managed (at least partly) from the Service Delivery Network.
a pyroelectric crystal, a class of materials that includes lithium niobate, an inexpensive solid that is used to filter signals in cell phones
Any circuit that performs a specific function, such as a parallel port.
an aggregate-port learner if it learns addresses by aggregate (logical) ports
a physical learner if it learns addresses by physical ports and directs transmissions based on that knowledge
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an ultralow power NTSC/PAL/SECAM video decoder
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Under XEmacs, frames are shown on devices (TTY, X, MS Windows, GTK)
Anything fancifully conceived.
As related to workstation, a device is an item such as a telephone, personal computer or a graphic or video terminal. Dial-Up Line: A telephone line in which the connection between the DTE's is established by dialing. It is similar to dialing from a common telephone set.
See handheld, mobile manager, or smartphone. Dial Pad / dialing pad
is a generic term for a tool or ability which enables a person to accomplish specific tasks. Devices may be technological (machines), organic (drugs), arcane (spells), or of almost any nature. Where devices are mentioned in these pages it is assumed that the appropriate development rating is high enough to support such. If it isn't, no such devices can be developed. See Also: Gear
A machine or tool used for a particular job or task.
(As defined by the Copyright Statute) A "device", "machine", or "process" is one now known or later developed. 17 U.S.C. § 101.
an artefact or instrument or tool or gadget or mechanism, which may be physical or conceptual
any artifactual object designed to perform an action or process, with or without an operator in attendance.
An object, such as a VRU or a telephone, that performs a specific function.
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a special type of inode entry
The mechanism used under UNIX to access (external) devices. A device is actually nothing but a special file, usually in the folder "/dev". With the help of this special file you can read and write data on any device, such as a CD burner.
Most remote controls are capable of controlling a certain number of devices, or pieces of equipment. Examples of devices would be televisions, DVD players, receivers or VCRs. Some devices, such as receivers or dual-cassette decks, may be treated by some remotes as more than one device. Also known as components.
a piece of computer equipment that is either installed internally or connected externally to the computer
a piece of equipment that does a job
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an effective way to treat snoring and sleep apnea
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Synonomous with "part." See also part.
A structural and functional unit of a system being modeled. Devices are represented indirectly in Livingstone, by means of the Mode Transition Variable s that characterize them. Also called a
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Same as robot.
a useful adjunct to breast enhancement, including surgical breast augmentation
a set of audio files
The portable video or audio player to which you will tranfer files for listening or viewing.
a Linux laptop you may use the same configuration file and the same PPP options, without the last line, which sets the LOCAL and REMOTE IP address
A network entity that is able to transmit and receive information packets.
an entity, were a user is able to exercise a defined set of utility functions to a content item
Network entity capable of sending and receiving packets of information and has a unique device address.
A collection of nodes which is used to associate setup parameters, actions (task descriptions), and data for data acquisition or automated analysis
See node.
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a thing, an inert black plastic thing at the other end of the room
The disposition of land by will. A term used for land alone and never for personal property.
a growing trend, especially in European and Asian markets
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Opinion; decision.
a low cost way to reduce errors and improve customer service while standardizing business processes, yielding substantial cost reduction with large productivity gains
an item other than a drug that has application in the healing arts; term usually restricted to items used in on, in or by the patient.
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a radio if and only if it satisfies that description
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a safe and cost-effective alternative
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A storage device (q.v.).
an important enabling technology
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a virtual file which can typically be written too and read from
A frequently used term for any assistive technology item
The general name for any unit connected to the system that is capable of receiving, storing, or transmitting data.
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a bit different
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See: Medical Device.
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a long way off
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See digitizer
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See imaging device.
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a container for services