Definitions for "Laptop"
a far greater asset to me
a good storage device, be sure to bring the camera connection or storage reader and EXTRA BATTERIES and make sure it all works ahead of time
a mobile- device , as is a PDA
an indispensable tool for the road
an indispensible tool for a Working Group or Task Force chair or a document editor
a useful tool, and will soon become an accepted and frequently-seen item on the trail
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All matters concerning the CES laptop requirement are managed here. Laptop Manager, Laurie Sherrod, can be reached at 656-1344 or at [email protected]
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a target for thieves
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a great fit for someone who needs speed, but not as much as a quad
a great investment for roving workers
a great tool when you travel, as it is your main conduit to communication and access to the Internet
a big purchase and we at FrontierPC want you to know why you would choose one model over another
a little big to carry around everywhere is you just want to watch the news or something
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Cases LAN Stations HELP DESK - Steel & Aluminum R acks RACK RAIL
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a series of puzzles, each of which he solved
a wonderful opportunity for everyone
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a confined space, and perhaps, for some reason, the MacBook will be designed to only support a single core chip, i
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an awesome thing to have during recovery
a personal thing, and just because your friend likes a certain one doesn't mean you will
a very personal thing, for anyone who spends a lot of time carrying it around, starting at its screen and relying it to connect to the world as we know it
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a good diversion
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a big investment
a major financial investment
a significant investment, and therefore, choosing a case to protect is extremely important
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a different story
Keywords:  automated, vary, process, may
an automated process and results may vary
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a bit like an extension of the brain
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a must over here if you ask me
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an asset, but not a requirement