Definitions for "PDA"
Personal Digital Assistants. Palmtop devices used to store data for immediate reference. Made popular by such brands as Visor and Palm Pilot.
Personal Data Assistant. Handheld computer device.
Personal Digital Assistant, a handheld device used to manage datebooks, to do lists and other data.
Patent ductus arteriosus. A congenital defect in which the opening between the aorta and the pulmonary artery does not close after birth.
Patent ductus arteriosus. Heart problem that is seen most commonly in premature babies.
Patent ductus arteriosus. A condition in which the ductus arteriosus fails to close shortly after birth. This results in a significant right to left shunt of blood. Babies with this condition often develop heart and lung failure. Treatment with drugs (indomethacin) is possible, and surgical ligation is often necessary.
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pushdown automaton
Polo Democratico Alternativo
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PITA portal ProcessBuilder
Pharmaceutical Distributors Association. An industry trade association that represents secondary and smaller wholesalers. The association's membership includes Supreme-Purity Distributors Company, Quality King Distributors, Inc., and Victory Wholesale Grocers Company.
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potato dextrose(yeast extract) Agar
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percent defective allowable. The maximum observed percent defective that will permit a lot of ASIC parts to be accepted after the specified 100 percent test (from QML).
Electronic notebook, which includes telecommunications features such as email and Internet access. A smart card reader, for example, can also be connected to a PDA.
An electronic diary, or "organizer," for managing and checking appointments and addresses.
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Handhel PC with its own OS and applications.
PDA prohibits discrimination in employment based on pregnancy. As it relates to benefit plans, PDA requires that if medical benefits are offered to employees, those benefits will treat pregnancy in the same manner and subject to the same provisions as any other sickness.
Pregnancy Discrimination Act
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Party of Democratic Action
Preliminary Damage Assessment. The damage assessment performed by Federal, State, and local representatives in disaster situations clearly beyond the recovery capabilities of State and local governments. PDA's are used to determine the extent of damage caused by the incident.
Pennsylvania Department of Aging
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Pre-determined Attendance
Permanent disability advance. A voluntary lump sum payment of permanent disability you are due in the future.
Professional Development Award
Population and Community Development Association.
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Tool to manage your PDA Office
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Public display of affection
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Short for "Public Displays of Affection."
Public Development Authority
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See PDA Functionality.