Definitions for "Purity"
freedom from foreign admixture or deleterious matter; as, the purity of water, of wine, of drugs, of metals.
Cleanness; freedom from foulness or dirt.
Freedom from guilt or the defilement of sin; innocence; chastity; as, purity of heart or of life.
Correctness of the order and timing of the footfalls of the gaits.
The ability of the electron beam to hit precisely the correct phosphor color dot. If a full page of red color were shown on the display, impurities would result in a purple or greenish color region. These impurities can occur if the shadow mask has been damaged or if the screen has become magnetized. Degaussing the screen may fix the problem.
The ability of the electron beam to hit the correct color phosphor dot. An impurity (hitting the wrong dot) can occur if the screen has become magnetized. Degaussing may fix the problem.
an all-vegan DHA product that promotes vascular health
This term describes a material or product that is unadulterated.
Another word for clarity.
The degree of purity or clarity of gemstone is determined by close examination with a jeweller's loupe or magnifier. Number, size and nature of inclusions within the stone are thus established. A gem is considered "loupe clean" if no inclusions are present.
Purity in the Column Importance context is a measure of correctness of the label value distribution. The cumulative purity is a measure of how well the data is partitioned in reference to the label values. The data is partitioned using columns found as important in the same way data is partitioned in a Decision Tree. Each set in the partition has its own purity measure, and the purity measure within the partition is a combination of these individual measures. For a given set in the partition, the purity is 0 if each class has equal representation, and 100 if every record is of the same class. Similarly, the cumulative purity will be 0 if each set in the partition has an equal representation of classes, and 100 if each set in the partition contains record that all have the same class. In MineSet, purity is based on Entropy.
A measure of the unity of the essence of an entity.
The ratio of two lengths on a chromaticity diagram, the first length being the distance between the point representing the specified achromatic stimulus and that representing the color stimulus being considered, and the second being the length of the line connecting the achromatic point to the border of the chromaticity diagram along the same direction as the first line. The colorimetric equivalent of saturation.
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The condition of being pure.
The seed is true to type and does not contain undesirable contaminants.
the percentage of actual seed of the species requested in the seed lot. It is expressed as a per cent pure seed. The weeds, crops seed and inert plant material are accounted for and expressed as a per cent of the seed lot that is not pure seed.
Vaccine contains specified material only and is free of other micro-organisms.
A state of sanitation attained by proper treatment with disinfectants which destroy dangerous micro-organisms such as bacteria and algae.
a breakthrough in Stevia processing, especially in industrial quantities
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The avoidance of influences from an alien source which pervert the natural substance of the body or spirit - a basis for life style choices. See also the Piers view.
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cf. excitation purity
The fraction of proteins from the signature group who intersect with the assigned annotation.
The proportion of precious metal versus base metal in an object. A purity of .900 would mean a metal content of 90% metal and 10% base metal alloy, or a ratio of 9 to 1.
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The purity of gold is generally described in three ways: percent (parts of gold per 100), fineness (parts of gold per 1000) and karats (parts of gold per 24).
Describes how accurately a component recreates the original recording or event.