Definitions for "Contaminate"
Keywords:  impure, unclean, pollute, taint, unfit
To soil, stain, or corrupt by contact; to tarnish; to sully; to taint; to pollute; to defile.
Contaminated; defiled; polluted; tainted.
To render impure or unsuitable by contact or mixture with something unclean.
Foreign matter in a fluid which is accumulated from various sources such as system dirt, residue from wear of moving parts, atmospheric solids which settle in an open system. Contaminates tend to discolour a liquid, cause additional wear on moving parts, cause system upsets in process streams or reduce the efficiency of a fluid. Water, as well as a solid, may be considered a contaminate when the presence of water causes adverse results. The presence of contaminates, whether liquid or solid, is the basis on which the use of filters or filter separators are sought.
To reduce the level of a clean zone or material by the addition of contaminants.
Keywords:  filth, germs, illness, spread, death
To spread filth or germs; contaminated food can cause illness or death.
Introduce or increase the concentration of any physical, chemical, biological, or radiological substance in the water or soil.
make radioactive by adding radioactive material; "Don't drink the water--it's contaminated"